Monday, 5 December 2011

You don't have to move on, to let go.

This cold winter night, in the memories hanging by,
i can feel you breathing into me, i can feel the sorrow seep in.
Tonight i'm lost in this endless hole, i wander across, i can see no more.
It's time that's gone, and time that's lost, we cannot win this now, it's time we go down.
The sea so wide, the endless sky, there's darkness all around.

I looked up high to clear the lies, there's no more reason to hide,
We should search for truth, and should believe in ourselves with pride.
We've seen the past, the shadows will last, just keep the flame alive.

It's now that we shall see, how deep is the cut, how far can we could stay shut.
I'm living in fear, don't hurt me my dear, why don't you see my pain.
Last time i lost, without a thought but now it's no less a shame.
My life is yours, i've opened the door , just walk right past and explore.

Exotic locations, and dream destinations , and laughter cracking over the floor,
There is nothing you could want more.
I've seen you bud, from flower, from mud.
This person i see isn't you.

If isn't so true, i shall see you through but baby don't feel my pain.
cos what i ask is something you can't mask. You can't hide your gain.
I wait for the lesson, the last impression.
 My eyes will haunt you forever.
I preach my thoughts, too long have i fought. 
It's time you made the decision.

Don't ever look back, if you go with your knack, cos then you're under the vision.

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