Thursday, 1 December 2011

Edging towards reality

The worst example and the best one are only those that you make of yourself.
The choices you make, the vision you see, the truth you preach, and the lessons you teach.

Carry yourself around with the thoughts in your head, 
wondering why you made that decision, wondering why you walked down that road again,
wondering where the end of this story began,
wondering why the happiness ceased along the path ,
wondering why it's getting dark?

You stroll down the hills, the up's and downs, paying your bills, trying to avoid sorrows and frowns.
It's your decision, you made it with precision, it seemed so clear then.
So why the thought, why the anger, weren't these roads supposed to bend?
I looked up to you, i thought you saw clearer, these stories have no end.

You make a choice, you hear your voice, you follow the purest light.
But then you stop, you look around, and the you're out of sight.
I want to know, what's there to show, don't i still feel the pain?
It's a simple task, you just have to shed the mask, it's not a flickering flame.
One question came, will you play the game, all you have to do is answer.
It never meant to be a tease.
Is truth what you really seek, or is it just me who see's.
It's not so hard to decipher.
At large, i'd say, people make mistakes which aren't meant to be forgotten.
It doesn't mean, that you drown yourself in the sea,
no soul deserves to be rotten.

I only pray, that even you can see the gray,
minds of those like's , lay the biggest spikes, will you still fall for the trap?
It's not the dark i intend you to believe, what comes after, is what you need to feel.
It's how you clear, the blood in your face, and the mess it left after.
Emotion has been the motive, there's no need to try and stop her.

It's all in the plan, we have the better of us to keep up the fight.
First thing you do is trace your steps right.
Only so i say this one last time, we never step down. 
Never will i bow more. The light will come, it never forgot her.

We never met a person who didn't need a little guidance,
but dismiss their past only till they don't disappoint your high-ness.

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