Sunday, 27 November 2011


When i look up into the sky, i look through the clouds, over to those shiny stars.
I see those faces i have in my head, i see them in every star that twinkles.
Glimpses of moments, caught up in my mind, overpowered by emotion and temptation.
I lead myself into the dream of  my reality.
Those memories seem to be cutting deeply, the mourning never seems far away.
I look up to you, to see what's inside of me.
I never realized what i am , or what i was, i only thought of what i will be.

In the process, i forgot my present, time never stops for anyone.
I gave in to desire, i gave in to impulsion, i gave in to my heart.
But what i shouldn't have given up, was the power of my mind.
You should never doubt what your mind tells you to do, heart comes secondary.
You are what you are, and what you do is what you become.

I can never forget the satisfaction it gave me.
The contentment, the happiness.
A feeling of warmth, a feeling of hope.
It was beautiful, i hate to admit.
If you're wondering what it is, you just have to wonder about words.

Words can get you a long way across, but when you come to feeling those words,
they will haunt you for a lifetime.
The pain, isn't the problem, it's really not.
Pain is something i have learnt to deal with, along with every step i take,
every move i make, i feel pain.
Its the thought of losing control, it's the thought of not letting go, it's the thought of
loneliness, it's the thought of hostility, it's the thought of hurting, it's the thought of not having.

I feel you, in everything.
And when i feel you, it's worse.
Abandoning a sinking ship is easy, but it's the captains responsibility,
to go down with his ship.
Into the cold water, into the lonely ocean and away, deep down under,
away from reality, away from the world.

You can escape the dream, but you will never escape the reality.
Look back and wonder much?
Look in front.
Can you even perceive where the road will hit a bump, or just end?

I can't promise what comes next, but i can promise to be there when it comes.
To be there with who?
To be there with you.
In your head, in your soul.
Because when there's an end, there's always a story untold.

If you can dare to make a story unfold,
have the courage, continue to be bold.
If you stumble, if you fall,
it will hold you, just listen to my call.

What i feel, is what is said by this song.
The vibrations, are tremendous.

" Do you really want to know,
tell me, tell me.
can you feel me letting go, slowly?
i'm scared to, fall into you.

But i want to,
feel you, touch you, know you.
And i want to,
so i let you set me free,
into sweet misery, sweet misery.

There's a hunger, do you know
feed me, feed me.
It's getting harder not to show,
free me.
i'm scared to, fall into you.

Why you always try to see, through me? "

- Tiesto - Sweet Misery.

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