Monday, 7 November 2011

" If there is no darkness, how will we ever find light? "

" If there is no darkness, how will we ever find light? "

If you ever come to think of it, it's true.
It's all around you, there is light, abundance of it everywhere.
The physical sense, the emotion.
Look at it in any way, there is light all around you.

What you wouldn't know, is the value of it.
If i come down to my opinion, i feel every word of the quotation.

Your tiny source, or your own sunshine, may come from one , may come from many.
But you have it, have you not?
If you go down to your weakest moments, where you have nothing but yourself to face, nothing but yourself to blame, and nothing but yourself to work upon, wouldn't you find a way?
It's survival, that kick in us, yeah.
It's our instincts, holding us, whispering... Survive.

You will find a way, you eventually will.
That's light to me i guess. It's one way of putting it though.
Thought, imagination, beyond your wildest dreams, your most insightful vision.
There lies an unexplored world beneath you, can you see the light? Will you care to jump?
Or just sit there and think. With a few lines curving through your forehead?

When you're in your darkest, deepest moments, search for the light.
Because, there is light, even in the darkest places.

I have a little story for you :

There was once a cave that lived underground, as most caves do.
Since it spent its entire life in darkness, it had never seen any light.
One day, a voice talked to the cave, and said, "Come up into the light.
Come and enjoy the sunlight."

The cave replied, "I do not know what you mean by light.
All I have ever known is darkness."

"Come and see for yourself," said the voice.

The cave mustered up enough courage and 

climbed slowly up from the depths of the earth. 

Suddenly, it reached the top of the earth 

and was surrounded by magnificent light,

The likes of which the cave had never seen in its life.

"This is beautiful," said the cave. After 
enjoying the light for a while, the cave said to the sunlight,

"Now it is your turn to come with me 

and see the darkness."

"What is darkness?" asked the sunlight.
The cave answered, "Come and see for yourself."

So the sunlight decided to visit the cave's home.

As the sunlight entered the cave, it said,
"Now show me your darkness."

But with the sunlight there, 

there was no darkness to be found!

Where there is light,

there can be no darkness.

Whenever we feel we are in a dark phase,

we need only tap into the light of our soul.

Our true nature is light.
If we would only identify with our true nature,

 we would find there is no darkness.

If we would also bring our own innate goodness
and light into our daily life,

We would never be overcome

by the darkness of life again.


                                                                                                                          - Times of India

But, tread carefully, because everything that's exposed to light, is now visible to all. There is not enough darkness in all the world to put out the light of even one small candle, but you can’t study the darkness by flooding it with light.
You have to find the balance.

Until next time...

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