Friday, 11 November 2011

Just be.

I forget just what it takes , and yet it makes me smile.
I look out for the sorrows, the turning tables, the artificial faces.
I know what it takes , to be happy.

It's been a while since i've known the difference between the good and the bad, the worth and the worthless.
In life there come so many edges, where you've got to make a split second decision.
If you don't do it at the right time you might fall off the cliff, it's always going to be a steep climb.

I know there is conflict, in our head most of the times.
Along with us having the most adaptive and effective behaviour amongst all creatures on this blessed planet, we also have a knack for self destruction.

When you learn all the sides to human behaviour, yes we're self motivated and hard working and we can stretch ourselves to almost any limit, it's only when we want something.
Selflessness, this word would never be applicable to most people i know, maybe not even me, cos we never have.

Never have we put anything of any sort of priority before ourselves, sacrifice is a thing we've learnt only the hard way, if we ever have. And those who haven't, still need a check on reality.
It's far worse out here, if you plan to be selfish and cold.

It has it's advantages, you may even get away with many a blunders, but it's going to come back to you.
You are only who you are, no one can change that, and no one but you can change what you will be, what matters is the choice you make, will you follow the path of purity, learn from your own mistakes, knit a secure future and cherish the past, or will you put it all on the line, work from your soul and mind together, and prove the ugly world wrong, take the risk, reap the benefits.

Or, you could go down the path of being a rebel, the kid you've always dreamt of being, getting away with almost all sorts of crap.

Yeah, you could do that.

The only thing i'd like to mention is that, hey, you could be all you want to, just that, you're not a kid anymore, so make your decisions wisely, what you ask for could be what changes your life.

Just like the great Mr. Tiesto, who shared some beautiful piece of music in the world, it may make sense to you now.

" Just be - DJ Tiesto "

You can travel the world , but you can't run away from the person you are in your heart.
You can be who you want to be, make us believe in you ,keep all your light in the dark.
If you're searching for truth, you must look in the mirror and make sense of what you can see.
Just be.

They say learning to love yourself is the first step that you take when you want to be real,
and flying on planes to exotic locations won't teach you how you really feel.
Face up to the fact that you are who you are and nothing can change that belief
Just be.

Cause now i know it's not so far to where i go, the hardest part is inside me.
I need to just be.
I was lost and i'm still lost but i feel so much better with just me.
Just be.

Until next time...

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