Saturday, 14 April 2012

Save a seat for yourself first.

Beyond memories and tales and stories of childhood, what truth lies beneath the ocean sand.
I look up with a fading smile as wishes and sorrows walk past me, playing together holding arms and childishly gliding past the skies of the world.
They see no fear, in these eyes they say.
They sparkle flawlessly and shade of green with a hint of naughty traits unfolding mysteriously into this gentle stream.

Oh, this cold water flowing through the pebbles of hope, swerving and brilliantly carving through the sand underneath, making a map of endless sways and half hearted lifts.
It's time really that's really going slow.
I can almost hear the front desk woman whispering a sultry tone into the phone, and with every deep breath of hers is a lusting she could not quench in the straight forward life she once meant to live.
With only a surreal dose of what we could call recreation of all the plays you once flipped by, every chapter every page, as you turned by the dim light.
They could all tell you it wasn't real, only if it weren't though.


What did you think was going to happen? 
Where all of a sudden with just a gushing build-up you would land straight into the arms of the non-existent world with dreamy figures and shadow free light, where you would glow and shimmer and embrace the warmth of your beautifully weaved carefully carved path to life and not a stone twig or monster could make you fall?

Well, those places nowadays are empty.
As he once said, "you may say, i'm a dreamer. But i'm not the only one."
And all he hoped for was one day you would join him, and the world would be together.
The mistake, the crime the felony you commit is only your foolish mind making you believe you're not there, this isn't happening.
Yes, it's a steep fall into endless nightmares and restless fatigued bodies and nights of wonder.

But don't we all need a bit of a check on what's really going on?
What's going on is that you need to believe, in something for it to come true.
No matter how bizarre, how impossible how not true it may seem to you.
You just need a stone to step on, the carvings are always dealt with, you know that! Everyone knows that.

Why would you seek a tide to wash away your soul when you could just step on it and fade away to making the things you always wanted to live come true?

It's not about what you've got, it was never about who got what and you got what.
It's a simple tale, where millions failed to rescue themselves from this gradual fade away.
It's about what you make of what you've got.
And that's what it's always going to be about.

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