Monday, 26 March 2012

This is the end.

As an eerie silence crept in upon my shoulders, and into my ears.
A soul, muffled as though struggling to gain surface, faded in front of my eyes.
As all audio visual turned haywire and a numbing warm liquid floated through the senses.
I realized that i was in one of the deepest dreams of my life.

The dream has passed and time has seized.
The moment is gone, the pain has seized.

If numbing knew what boundaries to make, we wouldn't have one another,
There would be nothing at stake.
I'd take a note or two, it does get better.
Even if those wings are denied of feather.

You will not fly, tonight into the light.
You haven't thought this through, it does get better.
Whether you could wait beyond forever.
I'd say once again, listen closely, this is a treasure.

Words, if you might have heard.
Have a creepy way of winding up on you.
Ego has shed, also dignity and maybe pride,
Had once you felt you had to take this stride.

I'll give you an option, this is no lie.
Now is your moment.
Can you survive?

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