Monday, 5 March 2012

A journey to the other side.

As a sense of familiarity faded and led the mind into a world so real, your eye's wouldn't believe anything otherwise.
This new world, an old acquaintance, wondering whether the sky was breathing, wondering how the ground is shaking?

As i sat in the comfort of my reality and laid back, closed my eyes. Time played through musical feelings, of transcending into a different sphere, where the simple entangling of a wire mesh, blended into a kaleidoscopic pattern of mild yellow shades. The light floated through the misty breathing vibrations of the traffic passing by.

A distant plane passing above you, shook your ears like a bee buzzing into you, the eerie sensations of reaching a new height where the world you were in, you can look down upon. Saying goodbye to the cruel world, where feelings were so human, and thoughts were read alike, where there was nothing they could say to make you change your mind. Goodbye.

And then boomed into life, a train flying at the speed of light, it's screaming to watch out, to not cross the path of blending. To not jump in between.
I took the leap, a momentary lapse of reason. I hung on to the train, and flew into it's path. With it floating into surreal landscape. Where the tree bark shone, in the orange light, with shadows and scars, and fears into life.
The story wound up on it's body, the aggression my mind was once drowned in, was painted on it's torn down, sinful skin.

The people just vanished, and the buildings disappeared. In fact, the oldest times we've heard were here.
The plants of swamps, the poisonous dumps. The wasted and the homeless, left their burdens on their doorsteps.
The fear of death had escaped, and the ego and laughter, hanging by the drapes.
I took a deep breath of silence, and cleared my head, and then the steps of reality we tread.

Oh wait, let's take a stop, i'm looking down these stairs, it's such a deep drop?
How could this be, these are my own thoughts, how can you see?
Is this really happening, why have i never seen this clear?
My ground is gone, the end is near.

I realized instantly, I was never going to see those faces again.
The effects were going to stay permanently.
As soon as i knew, i had no choice.
My legs shaking with instability, I tried to hear my voice.
I was so far away from the ones that never led my life into gray, i begged on my knees, my world was what is meant to be.
I have love, i have a smile, a beautiful surrounding, and a million faces.
Which give me relief, from those eerie traces.
I'd never want to leave that, they longed me back.
And so i reflected, in the water-filled sack.

Those faces upon me, with arms open wide,
they made me surf into the fading tide.
I jumped up, and saw the plane flying by,
it's time again, to see the other side.

I will see you again, it's my mind, your creator, The wheels will spin soon, and i'll be the predator.
I have still, a plenty to amend, but it's going to be a matter of time, before my path may bend.

Until next time.

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