Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Momentary breakdown of logic

As you close those eyelids, and stretch those knees,
as you pull up the covers, as you prepare to sleep.
There's a world waiting, waiting to unfold,
with stories like you've never been told, with creatures without souls.

You step under the branch and carefully slide past shades, of dull and gray, of perfection and slaves.
You're crossing a riddle of reason and indecision,
you can jump into the haze of violet colored rays, or freeze dead the time, or the law of gravity that binds.

That levitation saw no failure, and made a new dimension appear.

She opened her closet to find absolute loss of logic. It froze her heart and she flew like a dart.
As alice once gobbled up to squeeze down her size, as she met a mad hatter and giant headed witch up the mountain. As the white queen bowed, and as proportion oozed to flow.
As the caterpillar smoked, and changed colors without hope.
With unicorns and dragons, a three headed dog.
With a talking frog, a flying hedge hog!
Or the tiniest mouse, fighting with a frown, with needle sized swords, and swearing away words.
She knew right then, her world is a blend, of things you've been told are always what you shall see, and demons or angels, can cause no fear.
It's all she saw in a year of living in flight, she learnt she must go back, where mightiest perish, with worry fright.

Our world is all you'll ever be in, if you don't believe ,it's not going to be a sin.
We shall not face quietly, the screaming night. We must not go down, just not without a fight. 

I must not stress on the facts i convey, there's going to be a doomsday.
You may run away stray, or face whats coming.
There's going to be slaughter, of the weak and unpromising.
I haven't seen this reality, in a thousand circles of sanity.
When you realize your darkest fears, when you visualize your end seeming near.
The powerful vibrations of unfolding energy. 

You have no choice, but to accept this scene.
It's the sleekest chance you have, but have no limits.
For you can't tell people, what lies in the unseen.
All i can say is, there is no point, in telling directly the story,
what you need to see, is how it got a base.

It grows and nourishes, until it's large,
And when you hit the peak, there's just one closet door you have to barge. 
Go ask alice, I think she knows =D


  1. I happen'd to read this in a very open minded state. Great work!

    1. Haha, thank you so much. I happened to write it in a very open minded state too :D Cheerz