Sunday, 5 February 2012


SO, there goes a story, that has been told a million times, a billion times sold.
It's yet another story, waiting to unfold.

The tale of love, the tale of hope, the tale of darkness, the tale of every other miserable folk.

A dream to be true, as genuine as new.
As open as a book, lies are only for crooks.

There goes a faraway land, by the name of satisfaction, it's gates have long been unmanned.
No rumor crosses, the fakes have been smeared, only from the test they had feared.
The test of truth, the shadowy game of tears.

Here emotions they teach, only cos they preach.
Make no mistake, mistakes are unreal, they're shaped to give the most honest deal.

It's the state of trance, of course! it's banned.
Not everyone can enter, here only the smartest can venture.
Once a fading coin is flipped, it can land two faces, for better or for worse, alas!
You can only measure.

Remedy for the mad-minded, therapy for those child hearted.
A forgiving gesture, to let go of the departed.
A welcoming lecture, to this new world we've started.

Here, the third-eye rules, and everything is crystal clear.
As crystal shines the substance, also as clear as thy reluctance.
Hypocrisy fails, as also fails belief.
Here we only follow our most certain trails and only work towards what we believe.

Follow through the darkest light, face your deepest plight.
And after you have won the MOST uncertain fight,
From this new found dimension, you will have gained insight.

Until next time.

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