Sunday, 22 January 2012

Short steps, shorter treads.

A smile to remember, a smile to regret, you have been living my shine.
Don't lose out, it's tender. Don't fall down, or surrender.
We'll sail past oceans and gray.

Little by little i come to the shores, where my own eyes are searching for tears.
I lost you so early, the days went so dark, you don't know how i've lived in this maze.
Now that you have gone past the shadows of my lies, We will find the voices dying in fade.

Don't you cry, my love don't you cry tonight
We've shaped our lives, we have won the fight.
We can now look past the cracks, we can now make it back, we will kiss the morning bliss today.
So don't you cry my life, the shadows overdue. I have been waiting for you.
Dreams are shared, tears are shed. Hope is dare, happiness is your flair.
I wander past my subconscious soul, flowing dark, into the bold.
I need no fear, i need no pain, a simple bond is all we strain.

To dry the blood, to wipe the mud, of my deepest fall.
Sooner than later, We'll have it all.

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