Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Never had someone like you.

Open your eyes, we're going home tonight.
Let the whispers in your ear, let love fill back into the blood shed by the dear's.
Look around your world, the memories have been burnt.
There's water all around you.

Water as clear as crystal in the sky.
Stories all floating, all in under the eyes.
The lighthouse shines, the momentary light.
Where flashes the past, when promises turn into dust.
There's a new place i've found, where you can hear every little sound.

Where you can feel, what really is to touch.
There are no lies, honesty is a must.
This place has peace, to find this place, there is a lot i must teach.
It's sacrifice, that counts when the heart is what matter's.
There's always hope, that glass can never be shattered.

Open your eyes, we can now face the sunlight.
Open your arms wide, it's time to quit the hide.
Walk freely, choose what is to be made.
Patience is virtue, we've survived our worst days.

This out here is to the woman i love,
With pride i seek you, to fill in my gaps.
You are the perfect one, you are someone who doesn't lack.
You've stood by my worst mistakes, 
You've held me close, I get what it takes.

Your strength gave me these dreams i  now chase, 
I need you to see, now there is a different taste.
Open your hearts ears, there's faith, we no longer fear.
I worship your presence, even if it's time to shed gallons of tears.

Open up your soul, you don't always have to do what you're told.
I've seen you be bold, your value to me is greater than any gold.
I just want to say, that i can't stand the thought to lose you.
I know it's hard for anyone to refuse you.

I just pray, that we can regain our paths,
This love's forever, it's always going to last.
Open up your eyes, take off that blind fold.

I can face an army of lies, i can face the sorrow's of temper.
I can take a hit on dignity or respect, 
I can close my eyes to all regret.
With you i'm strong, with you i can still feel my pride.

I promise to walk beside you , i'll catch up on our lives,
Even if to reach your heart, i have to drag myself a thousand miles,
Even if it breaks my soul, nothing will ever bring me down,
And with you holding my hand, baby i won't even frown.

09. 01. 2010 - 09. 01. 2012,
and so on...

Until next time :)

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