Sunday, 1 January 2012

Mirror, mirror, on the wall.

A long journey, a road so straight, you can see right ahead.
But oh, it seems to fade.

Sometimes we long for a moment to pause, sometimes it kills us if we don't move forward.
Sometimes we need to let go, sometimes we need to hold on a little longer.
By far this day seems spent, by sheer will power, only. Will this end.
It's can't stay stagnant, it's no longer a trend. For once in the motion, we all have to blend.

You can see the path fog up, you can see the blurry motion, you can feel the power of devotion.
Learning to believe is the easy part, learning to live in it, is the tricky dart.
You hit on the point, where everything falls into place, or you throw it towards darkness, for we always know what to chase.

I stand by the edge, no need to fall, we heard the call, we have broken the wall.

The other side, is bright, lots of trees. With pancakes for breakfast , with lots of cheese.
With smiley little elves, with chocolate shelves, with cravings for lust, with no tolerance for dust.
Where your mind guides, it's easy to go, in the ocean of imagination, it's easy to flow.
All you need is a chain, of thought, not vain.
No sorrow shall stain, no blood shall drain.

They're tears of joy, we've learnt about emotions like we learnt about toys.
It stays as happy, as the sun shines on us, there's warmth, there's hope, they smile at us.
Look behind and see, where these dark hallways be.
Beware, always, what could have been.
There's a chance you fall into the well, the well where your evil dwells.

It's soup for the soul, and all is good. As good as gold.
Be careful, but be bold, there still a long story, left to unfold.
Don't crush the paper, don't break the stick,  it's only a matter of time, before you open the chit.

Can you see how the cold game, turns off the cold blame.
Can you feel your head spin, can you hear your senses skid?
It's all a part, a part of the show, sit down now, we have a lot to go.

How will we ever find our source, how will we come across this force.
Power compels the fight, deep black shadows the night.
Come out, look over the plight, the timing is right, the trees just gained a whole lot of bark.
It's time we come out now, we don't keep all our light in the dark.

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