Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Take off. Crash. Take off again.

This world needs a hero.

There is a time upon us now, the time where we see the light fade.
Of new days to come, of new moments being made, we've lost our shelter, we've fought, we've entered.
Entered into the darkest corners alone, here there is no throne, here there are no rules.
We've shed the tears, we've lost our dears, we cannot differentiate between the slaughter or the cheer.
We've dreamt up holes, we've lost our souls, there is no place in the heart to hold.
We've learnt our time, has been high and dry, felt no pleasure, we seek no treasure.

The coast is clear, but the cost is sheer, the drop has been too high, the butterfly has ceased to fly.
I cannot make right, i cannot share my plight, neither can i take a stand, it's no more unmanned.
The perfect bond, the everlasting bond, the unshaken fear, whether the end is near.
Look upon the sky, so bright, so light. Fly by my side, these instances need a guide.

Open up your wings, in the sun they will glisten.
To make someone listen, you have to sing.
There shall be no darkness, there shall be no sin, while the waiting flag has burnt, the ash of peace has turned.
The wind has taken its toll against me, there was once a fire, which now cannot be seen.
There is no heat, hence the cold feet. The time is now, where you cry out loud.

To save the world, to let story unfold.
To let the light come in, open your eyes. To let the light come in, face up and smile.
A push away, a footstep back, a gentle whisper is all you lack.
All was never lost, all is right here, the shell remains, rest is all tears.

The path is long, there are thorns and needles, there are demons in people, there are feelings to fear.
There is a loss in hope, there is loss in prayer. There is sorrow and death, there is trance, and there is regret.
Here is a portal so near, this is the paper you have to tear.
I live in the subconsciousness, i have no remorse, i like to stay here, in here there's taste.
In here there is trust. In here there's satisfaction and no person here to point out my infractions.

A mind of a poet, a mind with a muse, a mind wandering above the normal, approaching reality with the informal.

I donot seek a smile, against a dying promise. I donot fear aversion, I wish only for conversion.
I only seek a guidance, i only seek a path, where there is little conversation, mind overpowers my generation.

To understand the phenomenon, of wishful thinking, you have to give up the habit of blinking.
You have to see through the commons and the necessary, you have to believe in tooth fairies.
Of all the angels, and good in the world, my mind knew a decision, i didn't have to be told.
To have a possession and earn one is not the same, to have it taken and to have been blamed,
To lose the power of keeping happy, to face the guilty, to hang those who should be.

Now only losing faith is all that could trap me, but where really is faith? Where could that thought be?

There was once a bird, with mighty spread wings.
It flew high and above, beyond the sky.

It soared past trenches, it glided through the rain.
No cloud could stop it, no person could mock it.

Everyone was to know of the majestic creature.

The bird flew, for months and years, until the bird could go no further.
Why could the bird not gain any height, why did it stop is royal flight?

When asked upon, the bird looked down.
The people would pray, their hopes led astray.

Everyone wondered why it ceased it's journey, none got an answer.
The bird had yet it's story to unfold.
With deep concern, a miracle turned the world.

What happened next, happens around everywhere.
What happened to the world happens to people everyday.
The world realized, why the bird refused to go on flight.
They only had to know, why did the bird first take this endless patient flight?
How did it really get it's fuel, it's might.

The answer was clear, the end was near.
The bird had to fly with pride.

Without the happiness, the bird has spread, how else would the world have survived?

The bird flies again, till the world is sure of it's reason.
The bird will fly, the bird will rise high.

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