Sunday, 15 July 2012

A revolution of consciousness

There has to be a revolution, there has to be one. What do you say? There has to be one.
But a revolution of consciousness!

Believe, We're all just souls, inside a manifestation that suits us best. We have to move on, learn lessons, feel the presence of one another. We are all just one face, we wear different masks.

A place where people are not hung up by the illusion of an identity, where soul is what they know.
To walk mother earth in this vehicle called the body is our gift, to see, learn, visualize, imagine, create!

I understand cloud filled skies now, we all stare up into the sky, and i realize that when people go on dreaming and dreaming of being something, of gaining the world with a motive no other than gain, they look into the sky and say to themselves, ' I want to be on top of those clouds one day, fly. ' And slowly, they get incorporated into the mess, not glimpsing the truth even once.
What about the land we walk on? Supposedly the sons of god, the sons of mother earth, and how lucky are we to be able to do so?

Why has the picture been held away from your mind? It's not a country, not a state, not a continent or a world!
It's a planet.
And you say proof of how big we are? We're as big as planets,stars,constellations, a universe, a zillion more universes filled with just the same and souls all over. That's how vast it is.

If you ever focus on the message, it's clear. Look how lucky you are, look how blessed you've been to be here, You want to gain the world at seat? It's right here man.
You already have the world at your feet, you can choose to move.

Thank it, show gratitude, show compassion, it's our blessing. Explore it , Rejoice.
Choose the soul you love, choose your companions well, choose trust, choose belief. Choose a bigger meaning. Choose to be the one to make a difference, and most importantly, share the light, share the knowledge, share your faith.

And when i had sat down before to seek an answer to one question, What is the duty of our souls to this blessing? Today the answer is clear.

Our duty, is only to live in abundance, rejoice, love one another, show the path to anyone who seeks it, and primarily - Spread the message.
It is a faded light in the times of now, and the times of now is what needs to know.

There are two important works a human needs to fulfill in his journey.
The work karma, ie. The work to excel , succeed, learn, share, perform and contribute not just to yourself but to the benefit of the planet in totality. That is JUST HALF THE WORK DONE.

The spiritual karma, ie. To answer the calling of your soul, to give it reason, to understand the path of clarity and attain a level where you need no more push, where the conscious and sub-conscious segments of your mind would unite.

Choose to be the one to make a difference.
Choose to be one of us, choose to be clear.

                                                                                                                 - Until next time.

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