Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Oneness, we are one, all in all is all we are.
What does one mean by oneness?
It's making peace with the reality thats going around these days.
Peace isn't just non-violence, a world where there are no threats, a place where nothing goes wrong, no.
Peace comes from within.

Peace is living in the midst of whatever goes around, and still being calm inside.
Peace is love, peace is sharing, peace is caring, peace is connecting without dividing.
Maybe now we finally get what united we stand, divided we fall means.
United we stand as an expression all over the planet, sending a message to everyone.
The insignificance of individuality has to be understood, only then can we work on the gifts we haveas individuals to contribute to the immortal power of ONE.

Imagine theres no country, it isn't hard to do.
No hell below us, above us only skies.Imagine all the people, living life in peace.
You may say i'm a dreamer, but i'm not the only one.
I hope someday, you'll join us.
And the world will live as ONE.

Creativity crosses all boundaries and limitations.
There is no cast, no creed, no religion, no sex.
Creativity is a form of oneness, appreciated and absorbed by one and all.

In today's world, there is a lot of diversity, there are different sects, communities, countries and most importantly, different perspectives of different human beings.
The kind of diversity that exists is VAST.

What creativity, in various fields such as ART, POETRY, MUSIC, PHOTOGRAPHY etc. does is beautiful.
It's a phenomenon that doesn't happen anywhere else.
Different people, distinguished artists from all over the planet ( It's a planet, not a country, not the world, not an empire, It's mother Earth )just sit down, open their minds and do their thing.
They form a sort of platform for expression of their deepest conscious and sub-conscious thoughts, and throw them out on canvas, or music.Or just capture a breath taking beauty from their own eyes in the form of a photograph and then they circulate all over the planet! Or write with teary eyes of joy some thoughts which aren't just words on a paper, they're art at it's peak.

What does this have to say about the power of creativity?

The immense power of absorbtion through a piece of art may it be any form, happens without even a second thought.

You look at a painting, you hear a piece of music, you read a piece of poetry, you see a photograph and immidiately you take away an interpretation of what the artist might be trying to express.Yes, it's your own imagination leading you to interpret a work of art, but the imagination is boundlessand does not differenciate between culture, cast, religion etc.You just take away a message as beautiful as what the artist intended to potray.

Isn't that beautiful?

CREATIVITY is the only form of message that people all over the planet live and think through,joining hands from all over and sharing a message of beauty.
That's the power of creativity.
Where no one divides, and everyone survives, together.

So let us all join our hands together, and spread the message of the power of being one.


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