Monday, 20 August 2012

Till it's far too late

I once knew the shadow filled skies were only a glimpse of what deceived my eyes,
how could i not see what i'd been told, how i never looked into the light, how i never was bold.
I'd seek down by lanes and allies of doubt, and look into an endless well of without,
what happened i saw, realized a few, cos there was no way out, only within the voice would go.
Oh mighty sky,Oh mighty ocean i plead, show yourself above the beauty i've seen, 
i've set foot in your wilderness, that's why every person had a nature.
Cos uniquely in us, nature opens our eyes, and shows us that we all exist as one, 
Absorb only love for all we have would be none, if we hadn't been shown the power of one.

As day passes by, we withdraw the shine, the sun seems pink and water flowing by.
I cannot see clearly, what twilight would bring to me, there is time for need but no time for greed.
I may not see what lies under the sand, but a glass pricks skin, and blood trickles into land.
And  with our pain comes darkness under a veil, look under look within, and reveal your sin.
 Maybe you'll find the spark in your eyes, maybe you'll spot the fall you're going to survive.
How it ends, has never been told. Patience my friend, let the story unfold.

I look again, into the reflections of my mind. It's just the kind of day to leave myself behind.
What now is, now is where we need to be. If you don't see don't plead to me.
I can only show you what i've seen with these eyes, but the mind knows and the mind listens.
With beautiful imagery it often glistens. What you see now will be the screen of your mind. 
Project none, and none shall be revived. There is no yesterday, there is no tomorrow, for they can only produce worry, and we have no time to drown in sorrow.

Sorrow yes we shall feel, with a mild dose of tears and maybe a few drops for fears.
I only show you what you will to know, for if i go too fast you might lose the flow.
This river is not endless, it's only yours to play. Enjoy it now, while you can see the string fray.
It withers and cuts along your dusty thoughts, it pierces through your rocks and it always wets your socks.
But yes you have been told, don't be afraid to be bold. 

The time will come when you shall see, there is you in me and there is me in you.
For all there is, is love in more than just a few.
The river may be alone and may lead down the valley, maybe climb fearless up the lifting peaks,
this shadow will remain, but you have lit the winning streak.
May your dust fall, may your river flow, for in the end , The ocean, is all it has to go.
And you shall be within.

A drop in the ocean.
And the ocean is in a drop,
 that's all there is to know.

I speak not clearly, as you shall decide. Whether we survive, whether we can hide.
If you can choose, then choose from heart, for only when we love, will we ever throw our first dart.
I will not speak, i will not whisper. 
I will not touch, i will only tighten the clutch.
And when we finally bloom, and enter the new light,
For the first time shall we see, a starry night that was meant to be.

I bow to the light in you.
Om Shanti, Shanti Om.

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