Monday, 17 September 2012

The Ocean of Existence

As we jumped down from a rusty old bus, as we stepped down from the steps of daily life into a land whose mystical mystery I’d always tried to visualize as from my perception due to repetitive mentioning, I had to see it with my own eyes.

I’m talking about a small town at the blessed feet of Himachal Pradesh, part of one of the foothills, Called Nahan.

We stepped down from what remained of a bus, and as we did step out of that vehicle so did we take a big step away from all the noise, the screaming, the pollution, the hustle of daily life, we stepped down from the rat race.

I need not put stress on the fact that as we all may or may not know, it wouldn’t catch your eyes for even a second, to waste a thought on something other than the rat race. We get up every day to learn for something so we can work for something to be someone at some point and we go forth with our spears and shields into the battle and consciously do things which put emphasis on separation and division and manipulation only to keep fighting till we realize we have nothing to fight for because the battle never had to take place here. It had to be within, to find your own self which you may never have known.

We look into reality and constantly look for things which separate us from one another; we take ourselves as worthy individuals and to others as only a fragment, as comparison. We divide, we condemn, we have everything yet we only see what we don’t, or what the other way.

That’s the way the society was built, ego. Ego as the centre of your functioning and although the intention be to become someone, in the process what we look over, whilst a few eyes smile at what you miss, you should be aware of.

I tell you right now. Drop the idea of becoming someone, because you are already a masterpiece, you cannot be improved. You only have to know it, to realize it.

Yes, so back to finding ourselves.

Keeping the very fact that we needed to de-stress, refresh and reboot our systems, we reached her with bags on our shoulders. And true to what I heard, I had arrived in the land of gods. I looked around me as nightfall had arrived, a cool ghostly mist had descended upon the land, and I could hear nature in the form of the sound of an ocean, which was cause by the breeze flowing in through the pine tree fruit, making the gentle flowing sound of the ocean, it’s calm, soothing  atmosphere all around us.

As we entered our resort, the Sirmour Retreat which overlooks the town of Nahan from another climb up, about 300m in height, I could see the mist spanning all across the town, and a rare few lights twinkling in its midst, the illusion giving reflection of water all over the town, like mixed through the sound of the ocean from the pine trees, the ocean was already over the town, and beautiful waves were sounding to be ashore.
Right there I knew it really was god’s land.

Dawn came, and waking up with the warm, comforting smell of tea leaves in the air, and I looked out of the balcony, and my eyes didn’t blink for about 15 minutes. I could observe the horizon and clouds right at face level, spanning all over till the horizon and it looked like a battle of blues in the sky.

Across the sky, about  8 shades of blue, gently spiraling, or flowing  as milk on a flat plain with thickness and color radiating into patterns of gray and blue criss-cross square cut shaped dots and what not!  I was struck with awe. 

I unfortunately couldn’t stay for long and we had one day to stay, so we couldn’t wait to rush out and explore the mysteriously wonderful place.

As we walked past the pastures and fields of green, all I could say was I’ve never seen so many colors in front of my eyes. Shades and shades of existing colors, like never before. Pink and green and mauve and beige, blue and gray and red and crimson, fluorescent yellow, orange and saffron, violet, indigo, navy and cotton blue, olive and mustard and peach and skin, colors of life and colors of sin.

The dark and teary, the scary and the bold, the mystery like stories of lands untold, the kingdom of colors and nature alike, we saw this dreamland with our own beautiful eyes.

As the sorrow sun set, giving the sky the most beautiful shades of pink I have ever know, It struck me at once the sky was turning like gold. We saw a beautiful sun, with clouds and  mist, gently spreading into the sky in fragments of forgotten light, and the pink shade gave the sky a blushing smile, and with the ocean like clouds up so high, the ocean turned gentle, and forgiving and kind.

I would not dare leave, if daily life didn’t beckon, but we all have duties and we all have our lessons.     And in this nature I found my soul again, this journey through my eyes I will not forget.  As I set out in the next break of light, I found myself with a beautiful insight.

I saw three parts of the rainbow, three parts of the sun. The sun is the light that unites, the sun is white. And in the land of god where colors prevail, we can watch the show, for the sun is the radiant colors of the rainbow.

I will not forget what the ocean has told:
Don’t gain the world and lose your soul, wisdom is better than silver or gold.
I call it, the ocean of existence.

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