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CHAPTER 2 : Solea : The collective soul

" I awake to my own dream and dream that i'm awake. I take what i've been given must now give what they would take. I accept that you are different, the difference is that i accept.
Your difference is my teacher, your dreams are my regret.
I venture through the chaos because the chaos is my venture. If order comes whats done is done, compassion is still my center.
We journey towards the light the light becomes our journey. When dark meets light then life takes flight prelude to the great turning.
We see that we are one now oneness is the new perspective. When wisdom dawns the dream will spawn a light that is self reflective.
I dreamed the center was everywhere and everywhere there was a center. I dropped to my knees and gave thanks to thee necessity the mother inventor. "         
                                                                                                                    -- Vito Santana

As i embark upon the next chapter of my story, as the journey which had once begun to find something which was not known comes to an end. Where we end and i begin, where the reflection merges to form the whole, I call upon your simple mind to read this new beginning of light, and light only.

This quote above, a beautiful piece of art, i had once stumbled upon in my quest for discovery of myself, of the unknown. It came as a sort of an ancient scripture, a manuscript passed down from generations from gods and humans alike, a play of mind and mind only. But mind you, the mind is not the same as the brain.

The mind is the whole, like the vibrations emitted from ' Aum ', like the sound of color. To hear the sun, what a thing to believe, but it's all around you. Around us. All thought is energy, and energy only. A beautiful web of emitting vibrations passing by, hurrying into materialization by our curious little heads. To find that it was what we had asked for, knowingly or unknowingly, It won't matter.
It's the secret right? The universal law of attraction, the never ending, the never resting, the endlessly flowing.

It's pure consciousness, and it's purity may rise, with certain questions and answers unfolding. A good question's answer already answered in thought and the question may materialize.

What i'm talking about is the unity of brain and heart. Of complete mind, body and soul union.
The vibrations you may emit then is boundless and holds no limits, and as always, limitations are thought up by our own beautiful mind, so the erase tool is at your beck and call, but realization. That's a tricky one.
It comes by surprise, takes you off guard at times. It hits you where it hits the worst, and like a catalyst to the type of emotion created by the news, you drift off into light, again. Light = Consciousness.

Now when you have a certain control over your own light, self reflective. You may see how beautifully it all falls into place. How perfect. How simple. How easy!
Like it was always meant to be.

People may do anything to avoid facing their souls, i may say. It's not by imagining figures of light, that we gain the purity of the course, but by making the dark in us conscious. A part of you.

It's not unfair to say that you're not lost if you don't know where you're going.
I'd like to keep that as an important lesson, the first one of this new beginning.

No really, it is. Its like waking up to something you've always been awake to, but different.
Good different.

How does it feel to be in world where everything you thought you knew, you thought you saw, you thought you heard altogether turns brighter, and everything is new, and unknown, like landing into the wild again?
I'll tell you how it feels.

It feels like a rolling stone.

So i'm going to tell you a little story, if i still have you hooked into my contemplation's.
One thing i'll tell you, if you want to give me a real shot, use your imagination, run wild, child.
And don't be mistaken even if you're 40, you have a child there somewhere.

You see we may be pretty old at 18, or pretty young at 65. Time is just a concept that humans created.
Don't sweat your innocence away just yet.

When i say, a dark cold night, don't take it as just another night.
A complex mind, at certain points, has no difficulty is stringing together certain visualizations, a chain of events, a stream of thoughts into a perfectly running engine with every feeling, burning as bright as the coal generating equal amounts of energy, only that instead of smoke coming from the chimney, it's your brain engine and all thought, into energy, into universe, into matter and generating outcomes.
That's the beauty of it really, to control the power which gives you enough power to be able to not control your powers and let it safely autopilot you through the screen of your mind, feeling emotions deeply felt, and brewing realizations from the smallest of thoughts.

6 figures of light, a dark cold night, a little sense of fright inside a few simple minds.
When you start from a setting quite known there's always this protective layer around and about in the air and a flow of familiarity. But then again, that's what they came to look beyond.

I'm talking about a journey into dimensions beyond a dream, beyond a state of sleep, beyond a state of hallucinations or intoxication. Don't demean a book by its cover, because sometimes in life you may come across the most irrational explanations of irrationally occurring phenomenon.
Till the end of life shall we learn lessons, if we commit mistakes, they will be repeated. And repeated until you can overcome them, only then shall a new lesson unfold. But, the lesson, which is the fact of the matter, will always, always unfold.

It is your light only, that can then understand, learn, create and move on from the reigns of the unknown.

To know what human kind has done to its bearer, our mother, the earth. To call it their own.
When the blood in your veins returns to the sea, and the earth in your bones returns to the ground, perhaps then you will remember, that THIS LAND DOES NOT BELONG TO YOU, IT IS YOU WHO BELONG TO THIS LAND.

They crossed dimensions to return to the source, and hear the venomous truth, the plague we cast on ourselves. Destroying, dividing, conquering, enslaving. Exploiting the land, to torturing its natives, we surveyed through the rotten sea of misuse and ignorance that we had once brought upon our planet.
The material world, the materialistic thought itself is of ignorance and shame, why would you not be kind to another, why would you call yourself the center? Why would you become a parasite on another parasite sucking deeper into the well, where there is only a way down, and no way up, and if you could even come up, you could only by wandering through the whole well, climbing level by level seeing the horror, and the pain that has been caused in the dying air of the era.

Well. The good news is, that the era was dying. A last few breaths, unto the day of light. Where everywhere everyone would know the whole and be the whole and once again, begin.
It's not the end of the world, my brothers and sisters, it is the return to yourself.
The return to innocence.

Whilst the transition to the beginning the day of light would arrive, and they would drown their minds in the simplicity of the sun and everything in order by nature and love.
The search for the lost chord had finally ended.
Two notes of the chord found, 'Aum' everywhere, as a peaceful sense of calm remained.

But, the calm wasn't an earthly sort of calm, it was the space calm, the journey through the outer realms of space, the discovery of the expansion of time, sound and surrounding. I have only one word.
LIMITLESS. The universe, is limitless.
Expand your mind and you can expand your horizons. There is only wisdom to combat knowledge and if you can fight, fight with all your heart because knowledge you may have borrowed, But wisdom, is what you have experienced. What you have seen, felt, known.

As light progresses, there is no looking behind or looking forward. All time is now, and now only.
When we bring subconscious patterns of behavior to conscious awareness we are not only becoming more conscious individually but collectively as well. Since the physical universe is simple the externalized projection of our collective subconscious, when we bring the subconscious patterns of behavior to conscious awareness we are doing the work of the creator.
Now is the time for deep change. Nothing will change you but YOU yourself. Let go of all that keeps you in the old cycles and make the last push to change yourself throughout. Let go of the noise of thoughts that keep us in the head and find the stillness and quiet of the light the comes from the heart.

The loss of a beautiful moment, the loss of a beautiful memory, the drowning in sorrow of a beautiful yesterday.
Only now it had felt so real as if it were a blissful dawn always warming the sky, a beautiful star always reflecting its long departed light. And in the blink of an eye, in a motion through countless devoted hours of beautifully weaved love, The boat was empty. 

Flowing over a dark sea with no shore in sight, gently and eerily floating upon the cool carrying water. And in that moment i was lost. I had vision, i had found the light flickering. A gentle motionless flame upon the lantern, burning in dim silence. Silence so complete, that the frequency of silence was audible, and it floats. 
Yet, upon the sea, gently drifting from side to side, Mist all around and above the water. Free souls they say.
These free souls wandering, waiting in silence, not in contemplation not in thought. In calm. In serenity.

It floats in the eerie mist, breeze gently rocking the boat, stirred by the ripples of water. The ocean.
The ocean of existence.
It's dark, it's misty, it's eerie to some, it's silent to all.
But i float, in peace. In ever acceptance.

For the day will once again dawn and light shall shine in the water. Where the sun rises from the sea and the sky they meet, as one. That's where i'm headed to. To the horizon.
The boat, empty. But beautifully empty. The ocean carries it in beautiful, gorgeous silence. In  Shanti'h.

I bow to the light in you.
Sincerely, The race beings.

I tell you now, Circles are good. Don't berate them.
Keep circling, keep circling around the question. Circling is okay. RE-VISTING, RE-STATING, Is okay.

This world has been sleeping with love dying, and this world will awaken only with the awakening of love. Start with yourself, love yourself, love her, love them, love it. Love the land you walk on, love the mountains you see, love the places you visit, love the place you live in. Love everyone and everything around you, and it will be enough to walk us through, to evolution.

12.12.12. The planet of LOVE.
The universe is filled with magic!

Do your mind a favor: Brainstill more, Brainstorm less. 

This post is devoted to -

The track SOLEA by Anoushka Shankar, Album : Rise 
From where inspiration rose.

Thank you.

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  1. Your words are like food for the soul. They help me see the light when everything around me in enveloped in darkness. (*)