Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Innocence and Power

So, new year, new beginnings. 

I'm sitting down here today, not to tell you about life or what i've learnt and what goes on around here. I've done a lot of work on that recently. You've seen and known far beyond verbal expression. I've shown you sections of my mind functioning differently functioning cohesively. It's beautiful really, how it all connects and falls into place.

Prime creator created his prime creations in us.Re-incarnations of generations, our minds storehouses of strands of memory and pictures jumbled up, just waiting to be configured to form the perfect picture, the beautiful letdown a mystical tale.

But today, far from all these questions and answers i base my expression upon the simplest yet most complicated functioning mechanism of life. 

If i tell you how the story goes in my head, you'd think of it as a completely impossible mission but hey, everything is impossible until its done right?

Finally out of the shadows? He sent us all the way, shadows in a frame, now we have found the way. Now we can't feel the same.
We've been through the moon and into the sun , and the beautiful golden web has been spun. I look forward to know what you have to show me, i've looked horizons beyond and never seen this much light floating in.If you've got to shine, shine so bright it makes me blind.

It's a simple sweet veil of realization really, i know from lifetimes beyond, that it takes just a simple click, and there drops the curtain, the stage is here.

Come play the beautiful game, of innocence and power. Darkness never comes, but darkness never leave's either. We have found the  ways, now we can't feel the same.

I know its just a step into the stage and we set of a wild chain of events, a wavelength a frequency. We're creating vibrations of change. 

Talk to me.

Can you feel a little soft in there now?

The polarity between good and better is just a clockwork mechanism, flipping up and down and wanting to jump beyond but the fresher it gets, i can smell a sweet sense of comfort in you.

It takes a second to renew memory, but it takes the end of your world to be born again. And we just found the way, now we can't feel the same.

Happiness or disappointment , Happiness or disappointment , Happiness or disappointment. I chose none.Drove off into darkness, a what did i find!

My light illuminated the way, and the path was safe. Now we have found the way, now we can't feel the same.When in my eyes you shine, on a tiny staircase in a tiny form, glowing with comfort, glowing with nature, glowing with generosity. We did find the way, to power and innocence.

Our father he, Sent us all the way. Under the moon and sun.He gave us foolish shadows in the rains, and foolish games of cowards. Under the moon and sun. Soft as we can, we have found the way, of innocence and power. He sent us all the way, to shadows in a frame. Now we have found the way, now we can't feel the same.

Dedicated to the song from which i got thinking -
Karsh Kale - Innocence and Power.

Happy 2013, Age of UpliftmentAll time is now.

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