Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Dream-Catcher

How many times do i come across this point, over and over again. I've felt what i've felt and i've said what i've seen. I know what may come our way and i sow nothing, i only pray.

You're the golden shining light, you're the beautiful mist above the silence, you're the gentle fog upon the water, you're the morning rays of warmth. You're the radiant, shining sunflower, you're the soft dew on the leaves. You are the rainbow spanning across the horizon.

You're the gentle arms of the tree, you're the soft whispering through the fruits of pine, you're the thundering lighting bolts, you are the ever flowing river, gently carving your way through my land, you're the sweet raindrops of purity, you're the silence after the storm, you're the raging echo of the mountain, you're the earth's soft feeling surface.

You're the sweet music from the harp, you're the crying soul of the violin, you're the magnificent vibration of the sitar. You're the punishing bass of my adventure, you're the beautiful kingdom i chose to venture. You see through my eyes, and i feel through yours.

May my dreams be your longings and your dreams be my answers and we shall create a new frequency we have never shared before. The circle is long gone, and your gaze is all i remember, But the trance you have put me in, has never chosen to surrender.

An inch away your beauty, from liberation, have i asked you one too many times, i've shown you my truth i've stripped down to a bare nothing, and the answer has been there all the time.

Your gentle smile and your pretty eyes, twinkling away in some distant strand of memory.
I'd live in a memory, i have. For far too long, and it seemed natural. Sometimes joyous, sometimes wonderful.
At times the heat increases and so does desire creep in. And only your sorry, rainbow expressions come into the picture. The tide has drowned, the shore has been washed clean.
With daylight comes priority, goals, ambition and effort. And thoughts behind my head.

All i can make of this radiant awareness is that its never too late to survive. Take one step, a deep breath and down falls the curtain of the night. Darkness, reminiscence and need.

Now where do i have to wander? As looks deceive and expectations are failed by midnight, and drown us in thought?
Drunk in the silence of your bypassed violence, does chaos surrender in your head.
You intoxicant has failed you, and your colors have broken free, its me.

Come what may, i accept to my prayer, i flow in my self-sufficiency. I expect nothing, i accept everything.
I speak now, clearly and clean, My decisions have made me whatever it is i am.

I only state my problems, or deliverance by the works of my hand, and write what i may, my mind shall follow without fear. I am free, to sorrow have i never bowed. I offer you a smile, and my best colors shall follow.

I accept you are different, your difference is that i accept.
As the distant noise and the echoes of countless shadows we cast together dance around, about my opened mind, i may smile maybe whine, as to what or why!

But here i am, writing a confession, i fear not what i lost, for i have passed with flying colors, of whatever you have asked of.
I have no regret, It's just that i remember.

I've seen into your eyes, your gaze, your smile. I praise your soul for you have lit me forever.
If you donot get my sacrifice, i'm sure your memory will suffice. For what you have let go of for me, has been the last blow, the final drop. And there you fell, upon my lap again.

I just want you to breathe, for my air seems to be moving away.
And when it returns, the cold will disappear.

My love YOU, will be near.

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