Friday, 1 February 2013

Time Discovery

Amidst the mist, i see the water turn vapor, as dust settles down and white moonlight pours through the night, a sense of eerie silence and glistening souls, floating in the darkness, what we sense is our own bodily sensations, the time gone by reminding centuries ago, the way of life in the land of the ancients.

A reflection universe, a parallel merged with another twining into yet another, once a hologram in another hologram the platform has transformed into a broad hemisphere.
Dreams telling stories beyond talk beyond matter telling the unknown seeking only one thing, acceptance.

Once you're ready to accept you can go places and see beyond a side you thought you had once known.
And it doesn't feel good, yeah it feels so good! To live and discover in awe and wonder. The power of exploration the knowledge within waiting for us to grab.

Ready for the roller-coaster, Slowly steadily we've made the climb now its time to leap and make the dive into the unknown, there are far lands, continents and shores which beseech our understanding.
By pure vibrational intuition and by the vibrational upliftment of music, we have come to the passing of the storm where we had once set out with a bold face, it came it tore it ripped apart every sense of comfort and it gnawed into our spirits and tried to muffle the light in the shadows of ignorance but we have arrived.

It seemed like quite a ride, and maybe my head is still spinning.
Out there is a sense of joy, ease, comfort and the most important one of all, Adventure!
Smells like teen spirit, only now we're the finest of men, or at least aiming to be and with pride on the other side, only wish you were here.

Fellow passengers, unbuckle your seat belts and join me, because what follows is a celebration. A celebration of life, of creativity, of art and expression.
The rules are simple, do what your heart says.
Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought, and you complete the reflection.

The mirage has merged with the sun, and the shadows with the moonlight, and we dance till our feet take us.
The trance dance experience, the simpleton melancholy produced by the guitar, the healing purity of her sitar, the soothing pleasure to have acquired abundance, a clean environment, a gentle loving atmosphere and most importantly, Smile. Because you can let the other know, you're calm.

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