Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Inspiration..., Smells like home!

As i open my eyes wide into the sky, and the beautiful golden morning rays, scatter into a million miles, the stars are hanging upside down, and days seem to blur into each other and mix into smudges.

I wonder not further, i am satisfied as the days turn into nights, and bring about variations into revelations. Connectivity is a problem no more, as ego existence shatters to pieces and the curtain is drawn no more.

The stage is filled with shimmers in space and comets we fly into dimensional tides.

Change of vibration is the heat of the season, and the witch can't tell what's what.
How has this evolved as a new school of thought where she can try yet cannot enter?
How has this arose, from a thorn beneath the rose and the prick has ceased to bleed?
What good is this deed when she cannot plant a seed, the truth has sealed the incision.

We're the best of men or at least aiming to be, and all we have to do is be. Cos time will come where we need not see and reap not the fruit, we believe. For we do what we do because it's what we aim to do to do what we have to do.
Laugh? you may, but don't go astray.

You might glimpse the shadows of my light, you can maybe even witness the steady flight,
as i dance to beauty and my ears glisten, with a million words to be listened.
I search only the calm, the shine of a soul, where lies a reflection of my only goal.

A smile to share, a veil which ceased to care, the light is being revealed. The gates have broken their seals and we make ever lasting deals for destiny has us dance.

We're in a state of trance but one where the doors lie unmanned for trust is the only decision. If it's not love it'll always be rough so choose to be tough and make a run.
Into the wild we shall ride and make memories into threads, and bake a thousand breads, and gold out of the tears we've shed. We only cherish, never empower. we clean it all with a shower.

Of kindness and gratitude and a die hard attitude, we're headed to the closet, of  magic and prophets, and we discover a whole new world, a world which consists of a zillion different twirls, and sorcery and wizardry survive, for when i talk i'll cast a spell and please your mind to bend.

There i have it, setting a new trend, for it's time for the end to end. Spark a celebration of art and  creation, as destiny has it planned.  Welcome back Alice, to wonderland.

Again we begin to write a story, a thousand times told differently.
It's the story of now, no yesterday, no tomorrow. Just now.
Now cannot cease to breathe, now cannot move, as it always moves.

It's time to hit the tidal wave, the happiest rave, the land of the brave, where love we all  crave.
Find in kind, to never be blind, to value what got you there, to never lose this brilliant flair.


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