Sunday, 3 February 2013

Night's In Shining Karma .

We crossed the borders of space and time, and i've seen what distance i've left behind.
It all seems like a brilliant ray of light bodies, arranged with a flaming finishing to make the stars dance right out of you.

You may witness a different sensation beneath your ears right now, but that's because my music is ringing too loud now, And you can feel my beat, you can feel my rhythm.

Karmic resurrection and the washing away of my sins. I've seen what i've done and i've faced all my lies,

The mirror showed the truth behind my eyes, but once it passed my feet were lashed and burned a sacred ritual, right inside my heart it began, the dance has made the decision.

Towards the endless river, to the uncertainty principle.

From the day you took my hand, never want to be apart from you again, you are my counsel and my friend. You're the still small voice in me.
Every time i need to find my way back home, you are the compass of my soul.

Hold me close, fill my life to overflow. Holy spirit come and show me your way, won't you show me your way?

All my life only you can satisfy me. Let my faith ignite consuming fire. You're the burning desire in my life.

Who are you - the eternal guide, Intuition.

To have seen the power in love and positivism, i showed how getting shoved and still remaining silent wins the game, for violence is nothing but shame.
To my fellow beings, we saw the light, we saw all of us turn so bright.

Light-bodied consciousness, or higher realms of reality, it all seems to end up in one small tally, Totality.
When we next open our eyes, we find new soaring heights. Forever have i changed, towards beauty should i play, for now i'm done rolling the dice, as angels fall high from the sky, there's a loving vibe in the tide.

The shore has found the ocean, the circle has ceased.
Into the jungle, i venture.

And, i'm pleased :)

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