Thursday, 7 March 2013

Woman :The Mother, The Friend, The Lover, The Angel, The Goddess

When she's beautifully awake, look into the shine in her eyes, look for the sun as you see your world is spun.
You've got to really love her, love her with a loving feeling.

It's not the body, its the soul we seek, we teach how to tweak up our senses to feel, feel her grace as she walks on by, see her easy smile, it makes your heart race quite a while.
She's taught you how to see, how to love, how to be. Doesn't it make you happy, you chose to never judge her song, for we know how truly wrong it may be, when the beauty ceases and the tears make creases along the cracks of pain, on her soft gentle veins.

Oh don't you hurt her with analyzing eyes, she's naked to the truth and only your youth may speak. Don't push her into fire, she's already tripped the wire, why make her gaze into the dark, when your love is what lit her grace, it's her enlighting spark.

Oh beautiful auras you see, how innocence melts me deep.
In gratitude i've learnt to channel my eyes, to your graceful existence, your gentle entrancing tides.
On my shore you fell, without fear of the hell, produced by lies and illusions aside, you fiercely cried.
To souls alike, to understand the plight, how destinies children have turned blind!

You did not stop breathing, you never gave up your teaching, for castles made of sand fall to the sea eventually. We must fall back into her grace, admitting her holy presence, for her kindness has depth, she never was a part of our race.
We journey into the light, the light becomes our journey, creatures of nature we're beautiful to all, she looks into our eyes and cannot help but fall.
For they shine out the truth, it's time we get past youth.
You've got to really love them women, and you've got to love them with a feeling.

For ladies of love they're all reeling, a serene picture, waiting to rise above the ceiling.
Keep a smile on your soul, and embrace her gold, for revelations she has unfold.

I gave my faith and stomped into the tide, my emotions created electricity, my heart undid my toxicity.
I jumped and cried into the sea, i walked barefeet over stone, thorn and trees.
I shouted to be free, i cried to be me.
I fear not to bleed, for it is my holy deed.
I've bled inside, and already rose the tide,
it was time to fight, not to abandon flight!

You stood by me, and saw me shriek. They all blessed me with all they could teach. I had to flash my truth, i never intended to gain the fruit, i stood in the light, took the quantum leap.

Star child i'm called, in echoes i had them applaud, for i stopped not for once, i could not fail this blessed chance.
In this trance i'd dance, and smile to the onlookers glance.
These vibrations i emitted, have omitted my dark, the tree has now stripped out it's bark.
All i had to prove was that i"m better than you can see, for all i can be is me, whoever that is. And you had to see if i was to be set free.
My skin is fresh, my essence is clean, My heart radiates vibrant green.

She smiles into the sky, and tries to keep up, for destiny has flipped our luck. Meant to be in love and peace, freedom we seek, patient as gods of greece.
Don't be too hard on yourself she says, for only love has filled her gaze.

With her cosmos vibrating sitar, with her electric dancing power, her eyes green making life seem serene, her fingers gently plucking away scenes. Painting canvas over their love and light, thoughts in time, proving their fight, to dare we might and touch their lives, and with these goddesses we dance, we exclaim and jive.
Our connection is love, love of the only kind.
In respect and value do we always thrive.

Oh these women, you've got to love them with a feeling.
For if it's not love, it'll always be rough, and as she's sung, and gently had my head swung, she's been shown the other side, and she's seen the way things are. It's only love, it's only love.

Thank you women, for being who you are to us.
From dawn to dusk, your love is all we embrace,
your true power lies in your oh so gentle grace.

Oh dear mother, bless our race.
Children of love is our only face.

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