Saturday, 30 March 2013

Cosmic Games

Dance, is active meditation.
Said so, the grandfather himself who saw everything.

From the magic escalating into the air into spirals bouncing over egg shaped auras and manifesting into truth, to the shadows of darkness, prevailing trying to fight off the light, trying to hide behind an ugly veil of rejection.

Intimidation is a very sorry tool, in a game of truth and lies, in a game of fear and spies, in the worldly web of free will, where in jungles lay the dragons and assassins, where you may jive to your beat and increase the heat, and shake the floor and break down doors, you may stomp over aggressive tides.
But the battle you've lost, when your hands are as stiff as frost, and down you've led your animal vision.

Your sorry expressions, wont deny you of confession and pain is all you have left, for parasites they become, who respect none, and into their own web their spun.
The bees disappear and the wasps appear, and feed their sting on to your wave.
Your heaves and push couldn't break the gaze, For destiny has us rave.

And by rave, you may crave your excuses for your haven, but silence is all i have given, to regard this shallow tide, you might as well swallow your pride and head for the golden sunrise.
Reality reveals, your miscast deal, the spell has been undone.
The battle we have won.

We are the guardians, of light alike.
We seek to relinquish the forecast knowledge, of delusion and confusion,
we bear no intrusion, we've overcome the fusion.
Now we rise, to the mightiest alike, we awaken the light and cut down spikes.
Implanted dreams drown, as water eases the frown and the earth may replenish what's lost.
For we have come to the far across, we may now reconnect the dots.

The game was played, the cards were delayed and hit the breeze with fury.
Wade through a thousand moons, see the truth, rediscover youth .

The silence gave way for the truth to appear, and fear failed to it's name.
The light is us, not flesh and bone, we appear to have made a bust, 
for it was time to stomp your lust, and create the whirl of fire, 

Where they buried desires and fried the attire, and fall the dark curtain,
the sunlight shone to burn your moans and danced the soldiers of truth.

Destiny has it unfold, you're going to do as your told,
Best now be bold, for your dark is foretold.


Burning deep, burning within, your acceptance is asked,
and you may relax, but your story has come out in the light.
Spirits in the dark, had to ignite a spark,
welcome, rises the heat. 
Someday you'll admit, in defeat, indeed,
memories cry out loud,
go try and make mother proud.

Oh children of the sun, the world has begun, and begins the ceremony of peace and harmony.
Nature has a smile, the sun has rolled onto the dial, spinning the clock of mystical mock, 
into sparkles we travel, as faith unravels, the road is one, there is no other,
as hearts talk and whisper to each other.

Smile as you may, your beauty never goes astray, i sense an essence, a vibrational presence.
What do you ask, oh creature of light, why have you come to test my might?
Grace, is such a delight, a gorgeous insight, as laughter fights, and conversations arise.
Soul, is the true desire, it's what burns the fire. The spirit, the within, it's the sensational grin.
Uplifting into the sky, as we fly over mountains high, and over the moon and under the stars,
as seas we lift with each others scars, the pain never shows, the water always flows.
It's mother Earths exchange, the sowing of a grain. The energy travels, and the sound canals through,
we've painted a whole new blue.

Visions appear in strokes of sound, and the manuscript unfolds a tree's new bark.
It's time we fought the dark, and we came out, without a doubt, as happy as new,
even though the number was few.
Breathe, and breathe into the air, there's a new flair in town.
We have no time to frown, no worry to the clowns, they went back down.

In the night i can see, in the moon i'm free, and the smile never fades, and the star shines like jade.
The mountain, the tree, the child we're all meant to be.
Never to lose the innocence, never to fail from deliverance.
Festival of colors, is not all it was about,
The good covered in and the evil flowed out.
The world is brighter, don't you have a doubt !

All i say is smile ahead, for higher dimensions now we tread.
A world of magic, where wands remove tragic, 
where minds know soul, and hearts we have of gold.
A brilliant white light, a light none want to fight,
we gather a mass, and we fill the glass,
we pour in wisdom, the final videos have been run.
True to it's word, we have been heard.

Behold, the wild.
Welcome to the Jungle.
The world of expression and free will,
the world of respect and tolerance.
The motive is love, 
the representation is the dove.
The feathers of gold, we can never be sold.
A dance of the beats, a measure of the heat,
intensified the goodness, and gave rise to the godess.
She spreads her wings, in gratitude of the wind.
The vision is now free, lush green is now the tree.

So dance, and dance beyond borders unmanned, as we reach vanishing point.
Hereon, there's only consciousness, and the universal address.
Creatures of nature we're called, all over the planet we're found.
A cosmic library we are, emitting multi-universes by far,
towards pleasure we seek, and fulfillment we preach.
We never get lazy, we never let the eyes hazy, 
for it's faith we invest in, we don't let the lights dim.
It's the comic spirit we believe in.

Time is just an illusion .
All knowledge is borrowed .
Wisdom is true experience .

"All thought is energy, all matter is in motion, all time is now. "

Namaste ૐ

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