Tuesday, 16 April 2013

This power cannot be mortal, It comes from Within .

Good Evening, fellow creatures of nature.

Today i wanted to let you guys in on some magic, of mystical kinds if you may call it.
It's the formula to peaceful expeditions and the key to your private investigations, if you have any.
This is the token, of words unspoken for you.

Faith, blind faith.
It has a sense of knowing, it has a sense of purity and perfection, where nothing can lead you wrong,
but, you.
It's the foundation of your building D.N.A. it's the answer to to the questions you never asked.
You have the power to create, you have the power to explore. It's not a question of want, it's what you need.
It is what you need to make you see beyond your expectations, the ones you made to bring yourself down.
Like i've told myself and others a million times, Expectations are the root of heartaches. When you don't expect, you discover how each day is a new present, a wonderful surprise to you. With sunlight comes in the brightness of your soul, and with the moonlight glows your innocence. Children of God, truly.
So are you a child of god, or just a human being?

You might say to yourself, what does god even mean, what exists beyond this imagery, this idolization that has been done on the name of god?
I'll tell you.
There is no god that exists, if you don't see any, you don't find any within yourself.
Realize your true essence, the god-self that you are. And you will find, god.
Don't berate these words, they don't show you an image, they show you the truth.
Faith, do you have it ? Have you got it yet?

Elightenment, where do you seek it?
It is not a skill, it cannot be acquired, it's a way of life.
In every act, in all consciousness, in your conscious living, in your awareness.
The power of the present moment, living each day, each moment, each breath as it comes.
You cannot rush into it, you cannot expect from it. You can only give. And you can smile.
Smile, at awe and inspiration of the beauty of this cosmos.
You cannot do it whilst you seek a fruit, you cannot do it while you sow seeds.
You are here to reap, what you have already sown in your heart.
If you work from your mind, you may be throwing around seeds, which you may not be responsible enough to see come through?
What is the purpose? Is this your question? This is not me talking, this is you talking.
Can you answer your own questions? Can you face your own answers?
What would you do if you were me, and what would i do if i were you?
The truth is, I am We. And, WE are YOU.

The galactic mantra, the universal soul.
I am the universe, the universe is me. You are the universe, you are me.
That's the beauty of art you see, it's the heart that paints the picture, and it's your mind that reads the canvas.
And then, in a sudden moment, of divinity. It hit's you.

It really is you.
It's the way you have just read, and absorbed what i have said!
I may not have even implied what you think i have, i may not have judged, but you have.
So what do you make of this?

It's powerful, oh yes it's powerful.
What you choose to make of what you see, is what you choose to make of yourself.
And if you see purity, creativity, inspiration, courage, truth, heart, soul, bravery, light, harmony, expression, discovery, if you the white beneath the black, if you see the darkness and your light shines through,
if you can look into the eyes of animal, and see their soul, if you respect the earth, and it's shelter, if you prowl to not conquer, but discovery, and replace your fear with curiosity.
The magnetic field will grab you.
You are in the midst of the cosmic sea, my friend.

The universal religion, the one nature, the gaian spirit, the Pleadian council of light, the teachings of Atlantis, the oneness of all things, the connection of natural energies with yoga, with meditation, with creativity.
The world of spirituality, higher consciousness, another dimension, the astral world of sleep and dreams, the chakric system of human bodies.

With focus, determination, responsibility, hard-work, courage, bravery and light comes the true essence of goodness. Selflessness in every act, wherever you seek the truth, just become the truth. And it will set you free.

It will rid you of all the pain you have caused to yourself and others, it will free your from the lust of your mind, and the conscious dirt which you have gathered from any unconscious living, the moment is all there is, the moment is all you have, and the moment is the only thing that doesn't change, only because it keeps changing.
Nothing is permanent except change.
I expect nothing, i accept everything.
We journey towards the light, the light becomes our journey.
Whenever you find yourself in a whirlpool, in the midst of a storm.
Even if you see it drowning you into nothingness, or you see your flesh blood and bones rip apart, tear you down, and throwing you into painful fury, close your eyes, and step into the storm, and rid yourself of grip.
Smile, and let it torment you, let it shake you to the very core, but i promise you, when the time is right, and the moment has arrived, even the storm will not be able to touch you.

You will walk, like the god-self that you truly are.
Ignorance is not an option.
Our weapon of choice is information.
Our nourishment of choice is love.
Our religion of choice is music.
Our currency of choice is knowledge.
Our society of choice is UTOPIAN, and i hope it will someday be.

We can only hope that you would not care to judge us, because we would never judge you.
I am a Raver, and this is my MANIFESTO.
I am extremely joyous at the number of enlightened individuals living in this beautiful land,
if you would give a fair chance to anyone, and look beyond the veil of duality this world is spun under,
there may be a thing or two you could learn from anyone.

Water is the natural power. The natural protector, the natural agent of purity, synchronicity, adaptation, hydration, beauty, courage, power of thought and will. Whenever you need a friend, a savior, a path, drink some water.
Water is love, water is you. Be it.

Love, light, gratitude and harmony to any and every individual who may come across this.


  1. "....wherever you seek the truth, just become the truth. And it will set you free."
    Most profound statement. Difficult but not impossible !