Thursday, 2 May 2013

Pravda Vítězí .

I guess it all comes down to one small little decision, a second of perfect confidence.
Expressing the desire un-manifested into the world of conscious thought, and take the leap.
What am i talking about?

Let me take you on walk, a small talk, it's a small journey, we're only learning.
I'm talking about the power of convincing yourself, the thought of telling yourself that you have to be told.
Doesn't it bother you? doesn't it tell you, that you know what you are, you know what to do,
yet the if and but of the rut bothers your sense of being into a corner.
Why are you wondering, whether i'm accusing you, or whether i'm diffusing you, do you feel
my vibe?

The un-manifested force within you is speaking for itself,
it can have no sense of holding back, it does not ask for you to keep track,
only a soft voice speaks, this journey we cannot teach.
The light at the end of the tunnel no more,
all the while the light filled the tunnels holes.
The light at the end, was inside up every bend,
that's why we've reached the closure.
Emit your calm, your composure because we've come to cross,
of phases waiting to pass.

We've walked past lands and trees of a million universes, the mad hatter has us joyfully conversing.
Don't you see what's meant to be, don't you see where destiny has us be? It's the walk of the unknown,
here the journey unfolds, it's called life on 'the road'.
So, have you been told, you've got to be bold?
Oh yes, you've been told, and to the universe you've shone.

You know i always talk about belief? Do you know why?
It's the vibration that matters, if your heart does not resonate with my words,
i don't think i'm being heard.
It's the heart that needs convincing, it's the love that never sees an ending.
If you seek what you really want, the way will be clear, you won't even frown.
You'll wear the golden crown, it says you've achieved, and it says you've worked hard,
It speaks for your talent, it enlightens many a peoples spark.
It's all there is to life and beyond, the bigger meaning, the mystical dawn.

Get up in the morning, and see the majestic light,
it's always been there, has it ever crossed your sight?
Does the sunlight have you fight?
I'll give you an insight, by day you strive, to work hard, to survive,
to accomplish your nightly dreams,
to have abundance in every field,
and you'll get it, you'll be there...

But night drops by.
There's silence in the atmosphere,
walking are the creatures of the dark, where is your spark?
Eyes open wide? Shh, there's creaking inside. There's no room for fear.
Oh, hello old friend, there you are! I guess i forgot you live so far.
The moon, the bright white light.
It reflects the light, the day's might.
What have we got here? A prisoner of the mind, or the heart pricked with darts?
Are you a child of god? Did the sun applaud?
You'll see what you are, what you've seen deep inside,
there is no way you can be blind, The moon shows you if you've been unkind.
With every mistake we must surely be learning.

Have you? Have you really been untrue?
Is this you? Who are you.
Are you smiling at yourself, or frowning at my face, are you seeing crystal clear,
or are you trying to look beyond the haze?
Again, it's only how i put my words, and how your mind takes them.

Whoops, did your mind take them? or again do i resonate to your heart.
I'll always be in the dark, only you would know, how poetry has you flow.
Even i don't mind, what happens behind.
It's just going to matter to you, your different shades of blue.
I just make a story, to a bend, you know how it has to end.

This may be my life, and my experience, my insight.
But don't judge me by words, they mean well only when they're heard.
To some it may sound so wildly absurd, maybe some see me as a part of the herd.
All i know is to not hide behind bushes, all i see is what my heart pushes.
I speak no lies, i have no spies, i work on myself, with every rising tide.
As should you, we've got to come through, it's a journey, it never ends,
it's not a straight road, it bends and bends and heartaches it lends,
we may even have to make amends, and discard certain trends.

But hey,
Ces't La Vie.
That's life, right?

Bow to the light in you all,

Pravda Vítězí  :  Truth Prevails
Because it is the truth that always prevails.

We have now reached the end of Chapter 2.
Shanti'h :)


  1. The spirit within will rise, With all the times that you've sacrificed. Water will become ice, when the truth was needed to be realized.
    Belief is what we are fighting for..

    Surely we've learnt something new,
    So many mistakes taken as few.

    Isn't it, baba?

  2. Yes it, is. Joy baba.
    It's a wonderful feeling.
    Truth prevails.

  3. beautiful words bhaijiii !!! n so trueee !!!!!
    some things that we know that we dont know ....
    some things that we dont know that we dont know !!!!!

    so learning how to get the peace of mind n thank u baba for these beautiful words !!!!!!!!!!!