Monday, 13 May 2013

CHAPTER #3 : Once more, into the fray.

" Once more into the fray, into the last good fight i'll ever know.
 Live or die on this day, live or die on this day ." - Joe Carrahan

When all seems lost to you, and you can't see through,
your dark is all you see and disregard everything meant to be,
The truth you may try to flee, and eroding the roots of the tree you will be.
I love that about you.
How you know there's nothing to 'new'. The shine in your eyes is all that tells me.
Everything is alright, everything will be.
All I've know to do, is never give up on  you.
For if i look down on the ground, behold, drops the crown.
The queen has spoken, only love is the token.
I wish you would choose me to tell the truth, for all we've done is disregard our youth.
I've never looked for the forbidden fruit, this garden of Eden i love to roam,
when you pour your angelic,we give rise to foam.
Electricity in my touch, you've felt so much, It's time you realize, now this world has made me wise.
I just want you, my queen, for this world will always be beautiful and bright,
and with you to rainbows we give flight.
It's the final fight!

Beautiful, isn't it? It holds you by the hand, and makes you walk the plank.
You must check, what have you got there? Is it guilt or is it just heartache?
Is it the rush or should we apply the brakes?
One question. Want ;

What is it you want, what is the basis of your flaunt? Deep inside are you burning till dawn?
How twisted is your font? I'll tell you. Stop.
Stop the trails of thought, release all your froth.
There is only purity, i banish all toxicity. I give rise, to Electricity.
My thunderous words will bombard your herds, what will your dreams yell?
Hell, it's just a preview. Sigh. Psy.

Banished by ugly clouds, be proud!
I'm on a new fuel, times over you can stop being cruel.
I have ceased the duel, and made one out of your dual.
You're a true letdown, alcohol instills your frown.
My queen has lost the crown, it's time she went down.
You make yourself look like a clown, There's a new flair in town.
Freedom i spell, Through jungles i dwell.
I found my creatures of nature, Happiness and love.
I'll only grab and never shove.
It's only love, your lust fails.

Little by little I've come to this point, on my own I've been searching my ways.
I lost you so early, the days went so fast, do you know how I've lived everyday?
This sky seems limited, this city we've inhibited.
I've known you to be ignorant, your presence was riveted.
I slept in my silence, my mind flowed like sound from the violin.
I've seen you to give up hope, your addiction was worse than dope.
In broken strides, I walk through the tide, there's hope and pride, I survive.

In my lost empire, I've walked over fire.
Those who come into my land, expect the unplanned.
It's a world of emotions, soul and devotion.
There's a lot of new steps, short and simple treads.
Your light is my guide.
Shine it where you please.
I've known, I've seen romantic love, it's a disease.
There is no concrete, you can only sow seeds.

The tree of knowledge or the tree of life. What would you choose?
Give me insight.
You have to stomp with all your might, to dreams we have to give flight.
All i can do is share, into my eyes you may stare.
I won't blink, let's sip the divine drink.
To play is a must, the touch should always overpower the lust.

Do you have it? Trust? Have you got it? Are we there yet? Almost.

To invest too much time and energy in hope is to open the floodgates of fear.
Just have faith, hope remains there. Remain anchored in the reality of the present moment.
Here there is peace, here you are safe.

IF you're looking for a way out, there is only one. MUSIC.
It rises from the brain, it resonates with the heart, it manifests into beautiful vibrations.
Music, comes from instruments, gadgets, techniques, surely.
But the most important, the grand source of music, is you.
There is so much music coming out of us.
Have you ever stopped for a second from whatever pursuit you are on,
and listened to the vibrations emitting out of your own soul?
Of course! You may have, but then again, you might have not.

And who am i, to tell you what it is you seek.
Truth is, I cannot tell you anything you don't already know.
I am only here to remind you. You ask of my purpose?
I am light, i am infinite. I am the universe, just like you.
But my seed, my gift. I'll show you, there's magic here.

Well, i am the story teller, the star child, the great narrator.
I build lives, I assist the cosmos.
My words manifest consciousness.
It is not a game, no.
It is fun, maybe.
Intelligence is not a privilege, it is a gift. Use it for the good of mankind. 

I have pain. I have joy. I have experience, and i have determination.
I do not know what you aim to master, but i aim to master it all.
Once more, into the fray.

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