Monday, 27 May 2013

Life In the Forest .

So, finally a sense of freedom, of purity? Breathe we can now, we have found the way.
It's always been stressed upon isn't it? The moment .
It's always been about it. Living in the moment, going with the flow.
The key is, not to think what to think. It's like i'm telling you to stare at me but not blink.

Focus, Zoom in, Enter me.

Wilderness. Funny story, how caution fails in front of adventure.
And we're predators, born to play the game. The only difference is we're not hunting.
We're watching. We're not touching, we're observing. This is a shift in gravity. Magnetism.
A certain push of subliminal messages, travelling through electricity, light.
Music to my ears. What have we found? The same old fears .

NO! The answer is here after ripples and thunderstorms. Explore.
Dive into the wild and the unknown and the land of magic and mystery, witchcraft and wizardry.
White taking the black out of the grey? Adrenaline. The unknown.
Why? Because we cannot perceive it.
You will never know what is about to go down until you are in the midst of it.
And when it starts to happen, that's where you grab your wand.

There is fire in our souls. You know what its called? Creativity.
Wrap yourself in a bubble of ice and breathe through monstrous dragons,
and cast a spell into eyes that can't tell, whether its you or whether its magic.
The end of darkness, the dissolution automatic.

 Machines. That's what you call us? I'll tell you what we are. We're the creative department.
The whole point being to let us live the Alice within ourselves,we roam wonderland we're lost with it's elves.
The poet goes on doing his thing, the mystics, the music keeps playing as the world watches as manifestation changes the skills and bills all across the planet. That's magic.
To let creative be unproductive is the key too receiving productivity you wouldn't even imagine seeing in a month load of stress. But magic happens. How?
It's because we're soldiers. We see from our vision, not our eyes.

Clairvoyance, and the ability to foresee events before they may occur.
Time, space, expansion. And what might be our fuel? Will power. Determination. Faith :)
The drive to do something and be the example, not just say it.
And what worries us soldiers is nothing but one simple occurrence.
The utopian reality we fight towards. Maybe it may never come. Behold, War.
To win a battle always, but to lose the war. Irony is, we win every battle staged on this giant stage called the Samsara. We're that powerful, the mystics. Yes. But the war, we will lose. We will dry. You ask why?

Jim, had told us once.
" Let me tell you about heartache and the loss of god, wandering, wandering in hopeless nights. Out here in the perimeter there are no stars, out here we is stoned immaculate. "
Live. That what we are, to do. To be the ' Real ' imperfect, flawed self that we are, stripped down to our ugliest, quietest side. Bare, naked and broken with our protective skin, flesh and bones.
This identity that you claim, who are you ?

Heartache, fear, loss, sorrow, pain, grief, despair, hurt. SHATTER.
Break every living bubble of happiness in your being and what would you find? Would you find death?
No. Would you cease to care? Maybe for a while. Maybe.
But then it rains, my child. I speak for myself and i speak for you.
There is a certain kind of sadness, in the feeling of sadness. This expression is somewhat like drowning.
You're falling into the ocean and going under water. You can watch yourself going down, gently drowning, pulled by this force, which you cannot help but give in to.
This pull, so gentle you could break free. But you wouldn't. You don't want saving.
I don't want saving.
What we want is to drown. To be filled with this water from head to bottom, submerge in it.
Become a part of it and live the sorrow, the joy of this depth.
How can you call it irony, when you know how feeling blue takes its toll on you.
Perception right? Isn't it all it's about?
Joy in sorrow, sorrow in joy. Valley after peak, peak after valley?

Then why just go up, and refrain from hitting the bottom? It's only the cycle of change.
Why not integrate into the circle, fill the valley with your utmost presence.
Fall in love with pain. It only makes you stronger.
Like i've been told, it's only human to be stupid. Is it not?
But what defines stupid, is you. What would you do if you were all alone?
Would you seek to know if you would always be, or would you build your castle and sit on your throne?

You see, as primitive beings of nature we are ever thirsty, ever seeking. The search never ends.
The lessons are always unfolding.What you don't allow, is only to let fear take over.
If it comes, look it in the eyes,and beat it down, because nothing is stronger than who you are.
Your whole essence, it makes fear shake and vibrate to the core, it can't stand your might.
There have been plenty of paranormal experiences in the world to show that we are in the midst of it.
We are a PART of the abnormality, which defines the normality in this world of illusions.
So are you still willing to hide your magic?

Stillness. The serene moment of music flowing through infinite channels of purity and consciousness. Relax.
Divinity, love. The feeling of warmth. Desire. Want. To give rise to a vibration so strong nothing can stop it from manifesting. And evolving from the unmanifested arrives the outcome. Come, sit down with me and get to know the unknown. There is legacy waiting to be turned into fire, then the moment arrives where there will be rise of tide and pride. Through whirlpools we'll survive and dimensions will collide.

Strong, turbulent, thunderous winds, eerie nights and screeching fights.
The circus of the night has come alive, and what better would it be than today,
to head into the fray, into the woods, the forest calls, it's beings under constant prowl.
What could stop you? Fear. What do THEY smell? FEAR! You cannot escape your own hell.
But wait. Have you asked why you would be afraid?

You see my friend, it's a part of the trade. What will bring you through is your own soul.
If you listen to it well enough. You'll have a chance to master the bluff.
Its determination in this planetary station, that creates the miracle, you can really reach the pinnacle.
Break your own fall, and rise. Stand tall.

Do you live your own desire? Come here, light my fire.
I've seen the sacred fire. Dreams, they will never tire.
Feel the spark but don't let it burn, Don't brake when you make the turn.
But watch your speed, it's the evil deed, greed.
If you go too fast, you wouldn't know how gorgeous it would be to drown in it slow.
The lust for life, the stardust, the powerful vibrations of my wanderlust.
Come, lets be adventurers, In this ocean submerge.

I know now, a million emotions will splurge.
And when at night, you finally close your eyes.
You would smile and know. We're in the flow.

Like a true natures child, we were born. Born to be wild.


  1. someone to listen to,
    someone to talk to..
    perfect life in the forest.

  2. Anirudh Sharma28 May 2013 at 05:17

    unleash your fears, breath the thin air, feel the power and let yourself unfurl into a flower of serenity.. the world will always be there for you, now is the time for you to be there for the world.

  3. And we dance and sing, with laughs and grins !