Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Khajjal' 2013 - A Mini Art-Music Festival, 26th July, Tryst Music Cafe, Saket, New Delhi, India.

                       Hello, i'd like to invite you all to my first gig, where i play Psychedelic Trance,
By the name of Soul Psykik, In New Delhi, India.
Tryst Music Cafe, Saket.
I hope to see you all there.
It has acts ranging from Classical Indian, Psychedelic Rock, Blues, Psychedelic Trance.

The Event link is mentioned at the top, And The flyer follows.
Thank you and wish to see you there.

My sounds -




Along with that, we have two stage acts,

Meet the Bands :



Fellow Psychedelic Artists :



And lots of art, by various artists. Be sure to be there!


People ask me, what is khajjal? Is it a word, is it an expression, is it a taunt, is it a shout, is it a call. What is ' khajjal '.

I'll tell you.

It's a feeling.
Like music, is what feelings sound like.
Khajjal, is a statement. It's curiosity. It's restlessness.
It's when your feet tell you to stomp your living heart out,
But your mind is still trying to figure out why you're feeling like this.

Khajjal 2013, And introduction to various tunes, ranging from Classical indian to psychedelic rock, funk to brilliant melodies and vocals.
To electronica, psychedelia. Twisted sounds.
All under one roof, in one night.

The whole point being, to find the hidden meaning.

If you look for a story, you'll find 6 different stories, 6 different dimensions,
forming a single story.
Forming a single dimension.

That dimension, my friends. Is Khajjal' 2013.

See you there, Passes out now.
Grab yours while it lasts.
3 days to go.

26th July, Tryst Music Cafe, Saket.
7pm Onwards.

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