Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Soft as we can, we have found the way.

What can i really express about this wonderful land of ancient stories,
where we find ourselves always changing,
and blending into traditions of civilizations gone by.

Where can you find such belonging, of bonds and memories, of visions of the past,
projections of the future, the stillness of the present midst all the madness,
all the shouting, all the laughter and all the celebration going on out there.
There is a language in the air.

The unspoken language.

The conveying of transmissions through electric cables,
networking and binding together the intranet.
This reminds me of a tale, told a thousand times.
The truth is behind those who are blind.
Seeking is not a choice, it comes from within.
In new tunes we rejoice.

A path of professionalism we begin.We step into a million shades of our own,
the seeds are now to be harvested, once long ago sown.
I introduce a path, a universal one.
We are not just bound to this country, but to mother EARTH.
Where the guiding force remains this language,
of understanding, compassion, truth and fearlessness.
The perfect moment, is the only moment, grab it or don't contemplate about it.
It is coming, it is always coming. It will come.

What you need to drown into, is silence.
Where the shake of every stream of vibration,
tingles through you, silently or violently, it is up to you.
But be bold, as truth will unfold, and on comes a state of trance.
Now begins the one true chance, Enhance.

Winning in the morning light, seems like we've felt the tide,
with nothing more left to hide, We know what to do in order to thrive.
As clear as notions pass, devotions we have at last.
Music is the song of our hearts, the song itself we have become.
Now a new time has begun, a time to stun.
We have our guns in shapes of guitars and consoles of power.
We seek to learn and know how to unlearn,
in our journey be stern, and only the moment may turn,
As we stand still. 

The love-The lie-The love-The lie.

What's in store for tonight's theory, is the motion of our divine story.
what you seek is what you get, you push your minds beyond regret.
You know its the truth, we've chosen to not disregard our youth.
We don't seek for the fruit, we're in the motion of the divine devotion.

This majestic light, which comes out of our might's.
In the music, travelling beyond centuries lies a magical land;
It's gates lay unmanned.
We ought to know, it's the seeds we sow, we're in the flow.
Devotion to? Our hearts.
Whatever comes out.

So what have you sprout?

Do you doubt? Is there any question? Do you want redemption?
So you seek only now? What lies here? Right at this moment..
What's this vibration developing in your mind station,
what comes out of your heart?

Is it a golden spark?
Yes it is. It's white and shines. 
Do not be blind .
Yes its true. Indeed its like glue.
He pulled you out of your dark.
Recognized the golden spark.
Choose to love, choose to never regret.
Play those golden frets.
Explore, shine and be truly divine.
Live to your fullest spark. And also be aware, dare.

Look beyond what you're wanting to find.
You only have to unwind, its true destiny you're going to find.
Closer now, to the divine.


Would you stand there and just smile or do you plan to walk with me, a mile.
In search of the pure Nile, how much have you drank from the vial?
I cease to ponder upon what it is you wonder about.
Answers forming trails, the questions are very frail.
What is it that makes you afraid, your own soul you cannot trade. 

Its a message bonded in flesh and bones,
don't just stop at the golden throne.
Freedom, independence, harmony and expression.
It's time to honor our ancient tradition.
Like dragons we arise, like eagles we thrive,
the shamanic rituals we once again revive.
Like a true nature's child, we were born to be wild.
So take my hand and lets take the leap. 

Don't worry about steep, this is truly free fall.
If you tumble, crawl.
One day you will have the power to stand tall,
and oceans, winds, fire and earth shall resonate with your call.
Like a cheetah they have me prowl.

This world is a stage, we shall not withstand any fouls.
And if at night they put on cloaks,
and in the darkness intend to lurk,
our favorite notion comes into motion, the path of devotion, if you see it holy.
I will catch you. Slay you alive.
For the night is dark and full of terrors for some.

The shine in our eyes will glimmer so fine, the white wizards arise.
We surf over the tides.
Go ahead and be wise, because cunning was last season.
Here we capture messiahs of treason. 

All your games will fail, and truth shall prevail,
Be careful if you must, or we might just turn you into dust, There is no room for lies.
And if your purity, dissolves your insecurities, come child lets fly the skies. 

Tick..  Tock..  Tick..  Tock..

An untimely event occurs to instill surprise.
When it fails to surprise, it is just another event which has occurred.
Maya, this world of illusions. Politics. One face, different masks.
What you see in me is one mask, to my many different faces.
What you are allowed to explore is all the faces.
If you try and explore the mask, it will turn you into stone.

What good is knowing when there is no being left to know.

I speak to you with humble dialect, As i always have and will.
But do not judge to categorize what happens in front of your eyes.
Because who knows when you see from within and when you see from without.
All i can say is everything i am is within.
If you try and penetrate by breaking the crust, the crust will break you. 

If it is that important.
Penetrate the core so i can see your naked soul and you can see mine.

And i shall release the clamp on your throat you keep trying to gulp,
and once again we will converse.
Choose where you walk and you will know when to talk.
But as humans, on this realm.
A freewill universe. The choice is up to us.
So what you shall worship, you shall become.
And once you become, do not cease to worship,
Every cell of your body will tell you to breathe. 

Can't you do just that?

Easy, silent, echoing from distances,
just waiting for the tide you to take you to shore.
Or wash you into the ocean.
Either way, Don't be afraid.
You are still protected here ...

Who am i? I am time.

                                                                                           - Namaste,
                                                                                              Soul Psykik

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