Tuesday, 27 August 2013


There there. The soul purpose of the Shepard is to travel. It doesn't matter what strings the watcher might pull, and it doesn't matter how it's all going to spin. Why?

One word. ' Maktub'.
It is all written.
The hand which wrote, is talking to us.
But in this free will universe, it is up to us to respond to it.
People talk about recognizing omens and moments falling across your path,
and it may seem like another occurrence from the band of illusions.

But really, think about it? Is it?
Is it just another coincidence. Yet, another coincidence?
Of course, smile. You know what i'm talking about.
How could you relate to the coincidences otherwise?
Surely, there must be something between you and me that is saying something more.
It's just a shadow that you're seeing, that he's chasing.
Ah, you get it now.

That was Bob Dylan in the 60s, where it all began.
Where the birth of interpretation took place.
It's just a simple time, don't you see.
Where everything is in the form of clarity.
But the condition is only one.
Would you accept that clarity?
Would you smile about it along your day, or think about what comes, it may?
Will it find you or would you find it, in the end it's just waiting for you.
Don't you wait for it to find you, because if you can't find it, it will blind you.
Of course, only when it comes.
@Hysteria, Bangalore, India

Hey, Mr. Tambourine man, play a song for me.
I'm not sleepy, and there ain't no place i'm going to.
The Beatles, were very right. Weren't they.
Without going out of my door, you can know all things around you.
Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream.
This is not dying. This not fading.
Lay down all thoughts, surrender to the void.
It is shining, It is SHINING.

So have you? Did you turn it off?
Or did it just come along with you, tell your heart i told you so?
Well if it's the latter, i'll tell you a thing or two.
And then maybe you can ponder upon it.

Remember Jim?
You cannot petition the lord with prayer.
Can he give you sanctuary, you want a place to hide?
Is there a moon in your window, is madness laughing?
Winter is coming, and along with it all the magic in the world.
Innocence and power, wasn't it just all about that.
Power, embraced.
But innocence, where did that go?
After all, we're children inside.
The children of god.
Surely, there must be some power in the infinite, don't you think?
They sang those songs, then.
We live those songs, now.
So how is it still so unclear, as to why you have expectations.
Don't have any. You'll be surprised how things reach you.

Successful hills are here to stay. Everything must be this way.
All that you touch, all that you see. Everything under the sun is in tune.
But the sun is eclipsed by the moon.
An echo of a distant time, comes willowing across the sand.
Everything is green and submarine.

Dreams, they do teach you don't they?
It's never just a dream, its a voice inside your head telling you its you.
Everything, is within, there is nothing without.
Whatever you seek is right here, don't shut your eyes.
Talk to me, and we will ride majestically through the universe.
There is no alternate universe.
This is the universe of universes.
Time and space.
It's all here.
Shiny eyes, aren't they.
They glimpse and show me minute seconds of what you want.
How you want.
And where you want it.  Clairvoyance.
I believe the only truth, the heart, what resonates. What is right.
And will always be.
Don't judge me, i was born like that.
It's silence, that tells me, more than anything.
I feel good, i do. It's because nothing will ever be the same.
And it's how this world is.
We evolve towards history.
Don't you see.
What once was, will again be.
Only differently.
In the now.

The evolution of mankind is built upon discovering your roots,
and then seeing how far down they go. Which will show how high up will you rise.
And born for excellence, aren't you excited to go where your heart shows?
IT is never wrong, for any. Whatever feeling you feel, don't fight it no?
Just go with it, and feel it to your core. Let it lift you up, shake you inside.
And then, you can ride, the tide.
Doesn't it feel good? Of course, it will.
Once you clear the bill?
Once you climb the hill?
Once you touch the throne.
She's moonlight.
He's the morning sun.
Shanti, under the sun, Shakti under the moon.
Music, power, love.

Jimmy, had us all know beforehand.
When the power of love overcomes, the love of power.
The world will know peace.
Don't you want to know what real peace feels like?
No one said it's not going to be a rough road.
But, it depends, you see.
How good are your tires?
How well do you drive?
People in those days had to walk to where they were going, in order to be there.
We are driving, that's the force our generation has been provided with.
It's faster, and also gives you less reaction time, less experience than what walking the road
would give you.

So what comes may, accept how it is, and how it unfolds, because you never know,
how deep the rabbit hole goes.
But once you're in it, dance. And take the chance.
You might find tears of joy.

Dance, is a form of expression.
Like you become the song, you become the dance.
You're not the dancer.
You're the dance.
The dancer is the one who is playing the music.
You're telling yourself, your world what the dancer has provided.
Your emotions are true, because somehow you relate to the dancer.
You feel what he/she has felt. You live it.
You express it.
Don't hold back, charge your feet, and the universe will greet.
Atmospheric presence, it may surprise you.
How many times, it may try you.
But if you're you, then don't be blue.
It's not about you.
It's what it's all about.
Go ahead, shout.
Stomp. Dance. Celebrate. Create.

A start to a new day brings about a new hay for the horses have been chewing the same old gaze.
What do we find in the purple haze?
Stories of your past, well memory has them last.
You can choose them to haunt your or you can begin a fresh start.

It has to come from the very heart.

Of course, it's your own soul you have got to be smart.
Or you just might take the dart.
But take the fall with every call or destiny you will have to call.
It won't find you if you mean to blind you.
You have to be aware. Not beware.
Sit there and stare, smile and not glare.

Don't let the sorrows of yesterday burn the joys of today and you will free fall.

I think you'll feel what you call relief. That whatever is happening, wasn't it going to happen anyway?
What can you do? It's the way we're made.
That's why they say, i'm only human.
We cane perceive whats to come.
So we chose to be achievers.
We are the dreamers.

With nothing more left to hide. The best we can do is confide.
And bring in the new tide.
The ways of joy.
Yeah they go tingling up your neck don't they.

The deeper connection, after all its there for a reason.
Because together see what a force we may become, when there is no web to be spun!
Shadows of your one soul. It's the only goal.
We do not disregard what's been told.
Again, we have to be bold.
We stand tall.
We never take the fall.
That is the only call.

That is the one true cause, which is why in the end, the crowd will applaud.
Stories have been told, memories never become old.
And our heart.
It's never sold.
And that is how, the alchemist turned lead into gold.

The bond of friendship can never be lost, all the seas together we cross,
and if one of our sailors fall a bit short,
With compassion we try to sort.
But don't let the image of yourself distort, because then you'll forget your own spark.
You're a child of nature, you're a sacred creature. Stand up to your own self, and bow to your glory.
Take the sword, take the shield, and strive forward.

The sorrow and the joy, will never break the boy.
That never from this day, his will they'll take away.

Have you ever wondered about the thought?
We're looking for something that's already found us.
People want to know the truth, people ask what the truth is.
They already know the truth. The truth is everywhere.
Anybody with ears open, and minds only as a token, not a  master can listen.

They feel the truth, they know its there around somewhere.
They just want to be told over and over again,
what they already know so they can actually begin to know.
We begin to understand that there is this feeling inside us that's telling us it's right.
We have to know it with all our might.
They wait for an insight and sometimes fight, sometimes hide.

So did i.

But i'm starting to know' see' feel and be.
What it's like to be free.
The ego can tell its tales to which we may sometimes hail.
But why be frail?
Is it just a game. And when it ends will you disregard your trends.
The path you have to bend?
But what the bending may cost you, you may know. Sometimes it may snow.
It's cold out there.
The sun has a glare.
Where can you hide if the truth you're trying to fight.
Again, insight.

Choose not to be blind. Destiny you will find. Your destiny.
Calling you to walk, not over it, but with it.
Closer to the hearts.
Closer to your own hearts.
Choose to top your own chart.
Make a new start.
Happy Birthday.

A meter reading of the purest vibration, it requires only a bit of your concentration.
You give back just a humble vibration and be open to all.
Acceptance should never fall.
You give only a smile, and assurance from the purest nile,
It's not about a thousand miles.
It's about error and trial.
Be good at what you do, what you know how to.
Be blue, but let your music take you through.
You just dance, like you always have.
It's golden, and bright.
Express with all your might.

So now you feel fine, your answers have shined.
Truth always prevails, the universal religion has left you trails.
Your soul you must follow, and accomplish this only task.
This coming straight from freedom blast, The Goan sound.
It astounds, doesn't it?
Nothing shall hide from your sight.
As long as intuition is your guide, you have the power to glide.
But remember, intuition comes from the heart, not the mind.
Never be unkind. After all, we're all mankind.
Mistakes are a part, stupidity is not.
Seeing the truth, and knowing the truth and still not comprehending the truth.
Is not a part. Just another dart.

Do not disregard yourself, do not count the trophies on your shelves.
Slay the egoic voice, that comes from doors far away.
They creak and shall go on creaking, but feel your beat, and stomp away.
The strings they try to fray.
If it is fury you want to show, give it your beastly, masterful throw.
Just Be the bow.
The arrow will reach where it has to.

And you will feel the power of purity in your veins.
Purity is you, so you will see what you are.
So rejoice, and smile, and walk those miles.
Your calm breath shall not stain.
You will only gain, from the artist you've named.
Wisdom, Balance, Kindness, Fury, Wrath, Shamanism, Goodness, Celebration.

Soul Psykik, MacroCosm ( 04.08.2013 )

Music, you see.

The state of mind you produce it in, will mark whats inside the song.
The message the feeling will dissolve into the tune and you shall feel free.
Truly, the freedom from all states of mind and sharing what you feel with the world.
What more flavor of productive could you ask for?
You are the one soul and your sound is what your soul says to you.
Your heart, it sounds like this. Experience your own bliss.
It gets better. With every turn you make you evolve, you solve.
The call, the ecstasy, the joy. The pain, the loss, the slippery moss.
Confusions, conclusions, this is evolution.
The story.
It's yours and you're the one who interprets it.
You give the sound a definition of how you have felt it coming out of you.
If you can make someone feel something with the sound, it's because that someone can,
in some way relate and perceive your story as his/her story and together when stories are mixed,
they only give birth to new stories. Stories to be experienced.
History is told to create more history, and the present becomes the future, which is creating the history to occur as the future. Till the new day might take over and bring back the past, which we were in when we began to create history.
I don't know if you understand, but if you do. You're right.
The past, the present, the future. Are all here.
In one single bundle.
The moment. There is only the moment.
In the now.

And we laugh!
We're not the ones to ask how.
We smile easy, our eyes aren't greasy.
We know. This is the grand show.
The one true stage. The cosmos.

Fireworks. Electricity. Blue waves. Red Haze. Tingling. Floating. Quoting.
Rejoicing. Exclaiming. Percussion. Playing. Laughing. Experimenting. Kibbitz. Jamming.
Smooth. Blues. Jazz.Master. Spanish. Macro. Mixolydian. Country. Romance. God.
Loss. Gain. Pain. Want. Need. Love. Emotion. Silence. Stillness. Regard.
Memory. Life. Moments. Soul. Wild. Safe. Protected. Heart. Miss. Wish.
Togetherness. Gratitude. Sharing. Care. Affection. Innocence.
Stupidity. Sing. Think. Smile. Shine. Fearless. Fire. Desire. Achievement.
Goals. Dreams. Power. Drive. Master.Mind. Detachment. Attachment. Utility.
Speed. Accuracy. Vision. Clairvoyance. Crystal. Saline. Smell.
Aura. Cosmos. Energy. Ironic. Spell. Light. White. Bright. Insight.
Fight. Strength. Tough. Maturity. Security. Decision Making.
Management. Conversational. Focused. Headstrong. Dance. Sun.
Empathy. Magic. Sorcery. Healing. Feeling. Talking. Expressing.
Harmony. Balance. Rhythm. Closure. Composure. Enclosure.
Rigidity. Sailor. Sea. Forest. Traveler. Heart. Bond. LIMITLESS.

Namaste :)
United Expansion of Mind ( UEM )

Here's a short story coming up.
Winter is coming.
Composition, Soul Psykik.



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  2. Then surely it connects across borders! thank you :)