Monday, 16 September 2013


The journey from the end to the beginning - Part I

And so i take you down a road, trodden on,
walked upon, passed by, 
but no one seems to notice the rough raw support it provides,
and has provided for era's together!
Talk about foundation, is it just a word with no meaning?
Most people realize the value of a foundation.
It's the source, the first step.
The point from where everything comes,
and the point where everything will end.
So what is this new evil trend we try,
and send on this roads natural bend?

Men. Power. Ruling. Dominance.
Where do you thing it has got you? how is it, that we
being the most supreme intellectuals,
as we are born to be, fall down to the shades of ignorance,
and disregard for humanity itself.
How is it, that we have become the walking dead,
with the vision of degenerating disguise.
I once again bring you upon the ocean.
Earth. Divine mother Earth.
You stand upon it and you dare to conquer it?
With your sly visions and your selfish appetite!
And you dare call it insight?
How can you be so naive and call it victory 
when your own soul's mate you trade?
You try and walk over women with all their aura and golden light, 
try to crush her intricate sense of self,
her veins of universal blood, you try and cut?
Just because you think you can?

Well, i am a man. Our voice, us.
 We are all men, the best of them, aiming to be.
To reach untouched heights, and we are proud to tell you.
Men, lost the battle.
You see, women are the divine creators of this universe we dwell in,
 let alone mother Earth.
And the masculine side,
has let down their values to sink down into lower realms,
the parasitic degenerate nest,
full of hunger, greed and selfish deeds and planting evil seeds.
But what you didn't realize, is that there is sorcery still alive.
The shamans, they thrive.
Tantra, Witchcraft, purely white.
Purely true. The all seeing. Clairvoyance.

Expression. The power that comes from within.
The time has come, now you will see.
We are all one, and life flows on within you and without you.
That, friend. Is what feminine energy is all about. 
Men were made to be of white aura, women of golden.
Now we have moved towards black aura, 
as men from lower dimensional lifestyles,
tried to make their mark on this world.
No more.

Your judgement has arrived. Sentenced to death, yet alive.
Walk dead, you are free. Your powers have been seized.
All you who have sinned, the Russian Roulette begins.
Your games for may, have landed you in the midst of the magic.
White wizardry i call it.
Where nothing goes unseen, and we laugh with joy.
The clean.
It's the soul you've been,
that decides your true seed, so take the bullet.
Put it in your gun. 
But we will decide, if you can fire it straight.
Into your heart, or into your brain.
Now you will be left with only one.
And fear, if it's your heart.
It will show you what you have done.
And for your mind, the journey has just begun. Chaos.
And so the band of illusions play..
Walking on a new path, he discovers the dark.
The unfamiliar surrounding makes him uncomfortable.
How can this surprise you, yet again?
Haven't you still hit the point of realization,
where you understand your own daemon?
And man up to kill it? No, i don't think so :)
Oh, how can you child.
When you still believe it's just another trip, another journey.
Something which will come to end when you can finally close your eyes.
Well, your soul is crying. Can you not hear me shout?
It is just a trip. But the trip called LIFE.

Oh, you're scared of this form are you?
Who is this person? Wasn't he my friend.
Who are these people, what are these strange trends?
And now you're in a million little pieces.
It's not just a dream. It never was just a dream.
It's you and the nature of parasitic sorts along you.
Just another brick in the wall and still you stand tall?
I'll tell you.

You''ll never get up until you embrace the fall.
The wild calls, don't you want to explore it all?
I guess you just want to hide for now, whilst your fields we plow.
Artistic clans are not made by man.
We were sent from above, any insecurity we shall shove.
For the time is now, and all that matters is here.
Ego shows, and so does fear.
Denial and smile don't go together, go pick up your feathers.
Your wings have been fell.
Fly another day. There is no more hay, no landscape.
No way you can escape.
You are now in the grave.
Till you scream and shout, and try and make a new self sprout.
Because time has been lost, that will never come back. Track.

White light, golden insight.
Track every minute from now, 
because little by little, the night comes around.
 And it's dark.
The knife is sharp. But violence? No.
Silence. Yes. Of course you're bound to be silent,
The rest not so surprised,
because the day has come where together we strive.
A child has been left behind.
A child who never grew, to whoever it wants to prove,
has left, there is no more air in the chest.
The path was always blessed,
but why was it never dressed?
In the new moon of the winter, 
when witches and wizards, wolves and vampires, 
dragons and zombies, animals and demons, and renegades survive.
Who will you hide behind?

The magic you will stumble upon.
 There is a new king in town.
Don't you again make him frown. 
Compassion is something which has been taken too much for granted.
The ones you had once taunted now dare you to be flaunted.
We are not the minority anymore.
Come, dare to soar.

Who am i? to say such to you, you question.
Who am i you ask, you laugh like you haven't been seen?
I am the all seeing, the all absorbing, the power,
the sacred energy of the universe.
I am the ocean from which everything has arose. 
Kalyani. The union.
And in the end you will come to seek rest on my soft bed, but dread.
For if you know your darkest truths,
i will make you reap it's fruit.
The fruit of who you truly are.
You will surpass my soft bed,
the holy nest, and you will drop into fire.
My better half.
The water and the flame are bound in sacred union.
The divine flame. 
The burning queen. 
You have heard about woman power.
Now see it, with your own eyes.
You, who are open to suggestibility,
you will not see tranquility.
Of course, i am not the judge, i am the messenger.
With my vision, sight. You can try and fight.
But my mere words are grabbing you by your throat.
You will slowly ingest the fire. Smile.
Its all you can do, because the divine spirit is here.
The balance between masculinity and femininity. 
The day wears our crown,
the night wears the divine mother's frown.
Time to drown.

The journey from the beginning to infinity - Part II

Oh, you have not known the magical power of love.
My eyes have seen you, and in you i have seen faith.
The world is small, and we are omnipresent.
We are the women of clarity and sons of sanity.
The ever absorbing. The muses rapt.
The sensitives will be king.
There's a paradigm shift going on.
Once again, we have arrived to the land of the Anunnaki.
The land of the ancients, live every breath with them.
Share wisdom, share knowledge.
Freedom we have found.
Welcome to the void.

A little girl, with nothing wrong,
and she's all alone! how?

How can such a beautiful creation of divine presence be alone?
It's because she is also the omnipresent, as we all are.
Seeing, knowing, feeling and being.
Suffering, pain and darkness.
When all you are is shining golden light.
Must be tough, of course.
It's the road less taken.
But we have stumbled upon golden days.
I found you. But then again, you found me.
Your pure silence.
Expresses a million butterflies dancing in the forest,
wrapped up in the comfort of the sun,
with the cool breeze whispering in our ears,
Oh we found, us.

The magic we now see, love.
It is always there.
You just have to Focus, Zoom In, and Enter.
Grab it.
Two eagles soar up the limitless universe,
the sky is only an illusion.
It was never the limit. 
Travelling galaxies, interstellar space. Infinity.
And at the high point, we embrace each other, hold hands, dive.
Across the universe.
Freedom, expression, faith, Shanti:h, Shakti.

Let's be weird together :)
So a new page opens for us to discover
the pages of the book already written,and we are asked to read and be.
Molded and folded into a world of captivity,
where suffering is creativity as power is run by the hands of a few.
But the game we are about to chew because they only have a mind to play,
we have a heart no one can fray.
So lets raise our vibration and park our trains in their stations,
and screech our horns till the rose is rid of it's thorns.
Half the battle we've already won.

Tidal waves shower upon us like a day already occurred in the moonshine
of the night already passed and brings in the now which may be an extension.
An extension of the past about to occur as the present building a new future,
as we move into the moment.

Cluster and chaos may surround and we laugh and love in joy to prove,
non-existence of the existing terminology.
And we dance to our beats and disperse the heat, we don't need the cheats.
Lies have been told, memories torn to pieces and no regard has remained,
of what once was.
So, we gracefully breeze through and once more, we love.
Love like no other.
Truth prevails. Always has. Always will.
The triumph of good, over evil. As it should.

We create new wood. As the earlier trees have dried their own roots dry.
And we've learnt there's no point in crying.
The old days are dying.
And everyone is smiling. Shining.

Ascension connection.
Worthy are the beings of light as we know now.
We have won the fight.
The question remains that will the insults stain, or will our laughter prevail.
There's joy and celebration and we are called towards magic and creation.

The Pleadian Connection as she rises towards ascension.
No more can lies hide and no more will we blindly confide.
Happy birthday, 10 September 2013.
She gives rise to a sacred tide that will wash away all the sacrifice.
The pain will be gone and the devils will frown as they can transcend no more,
into our holy existence.
The European connection has synchronized itself into a weave of cloth and grains.
We give rise to a new garment of design.
The teacher, the healer and the creator. All in one sea.
All part of the ocean.
Of limitlessness. Of time and space.
We expand together, we forge new metal.
The shield and the sword which can only be witnessed. 
Always in action, and always blocking reactions.
Touch it and it will take away a big fraction and blind their hateful attraction.
Melt the game into their own frame.
Seal them in their own shame.
Travel through cosmos, harmonizing dimensions into one sea.
Digital art by Erika Nasticka

Relationships become holy as we unfold the story of lies becoming clearer,
as nothing hides from the eyes that shine.
Reflection and deflection of your own thoughts into the air,
it carries itself around the majestic land and caresses the holy sand.
We once again become a part of where we come from.
The grassroots level.
Back down to the basics we glide into freedom as this is how it is like to wrestle, 
with no holds barred.
Truth is everywhere. Look at it. Stare.
But don't let go of who you are and you shall go far. 
Magic lies in the forest.

The den.

Back, from the holy land, of course things never go as planned. So why let the gates be manned?
Expect nothing but the best, and be prepared for the worst, clench your thirst.
Let go of the past, and live in the now and you will see how creativity shaped everything there is.
Everything to come into a color filled butterfly and give you flight. Into music.
Happiness, clarity, and vision. The man with a thousand voices talking perfectly loud.

You just have to make a decision and auto pilot in silence out of the unnecessary violence.
The game is over. And a new one is born.
Yes, it is about power and the women stand tall.
Take my call, break my fall.

This world is small and mejestically big at the same time.
So smile. Unwind.
 Lots of love and power to the vibes, to NIFT Bengaluru & the inner circle.
You are wonderful, bright and shining women.
Create, go limitless!

Namaste :)
Soul Psykik & United Expansion of Mind
Peace, love and music.