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'Strictly Fashionable' - A clothing story!

And so i take you backwards, on a journey which will take you forward.

We've been waiting too long to enter the new voice, where your actions create ripples through time to provide for a solid background, a place where you can work hard and touch the stars. The relationship between colors, and how they mingle to create exquisite desires.
We are the designers. 

Open from above, and accepting change with love,
it's a new destination we've reached this time.
You see it's all about cohesion, what you allow,
and what you respect, what you discard, and what you accept.
When creativity knows no bounds,
so does the world and it's holographic sounds.
You move within a story to find another one creating it, to analyse it, is narrating it.

My favorite role model - 'Prama' by Pratima Pandey
This is not a one man army,
this is called collective farming.
We sow the same seed,
and our actions work towards the same deeds,
where belief is the strongest vehicle,
speed now above sound,
we are  moving with the light.
What will you fight?
They send us gifts of treason,
they lay down spikes and challenge us over reason,
they try and make the movement stop,
they cannot see the plant grow it's stalk.
But now you'll know, the weather is our flow,
and so was yours.
Season of change is here.

I cannot stress much more importance on the fact, Winter is here.
From countless memoirs ago,
i've set this grand show,
and now you will finally know,
what is called the 'Global Flow'.
Currents coming in from the north, waves evolving in the south,
the medium is in havoc.

Well, not yesterday it wasn't,
but today my friend, is a new day.
The moon has finally set forth the cycle of change,
and now begins the solar exchange.
Get ready, the show goes on.
You wanted to rumble in my jungle? I take you on.


Rehane - Crazy about color
The small difference between exposure and sensuality is what counts,
Gently graceful is always the winner,
that soft skin that flaunts.
The serenity is found in the calmness of the walk.
The goodness is shown with the tolerance in the talk.
The fashion world has danced to the tunes of romance,
and tasted a pinch of our world of freedom.

Co-existence has secured a future destination.
Where youth, music, and fashion collide.
Waves of celebration over and over arise.
Work seems like a ramp of revelation, its like being the play-station.
Explore now what your hard work has got you,
where you sit and what you teach.
It's because this new aura has a lot to teach.

Yes, We're going to a party.

We're in the middle of the storm yet you seem so calm, water all around us.
We're floating in the ocean and there's beauty all around.
Keep an aim, discard the fame and a simple smile will do, as we privately view the new.
Instances so few where you fall and still smile, it's the golden Nile.

Ruchika Sachdeva's 'Bodice'
The middle east is now one with us, and now we have the power to take this country of divinity far.
We have worked together, and this bond shall stay forever.
Our names written in history but we stay quiet, because limelight is not our stage.
Now comes the mature phase.
We are the creators of the show, we are the simple flow.
We sit and do wonders with our hearts, our words shooting in the atmosphere like stars.
Born to be wild, there's true happiness tonight.
Mrinalini's take on Desaturation
Dance to glory, and spread the story.
India has won, the enemies rid of their guns.

 Political power has ceased and agreed,
as we plant the new seeds, and just water the gentle stalk, interact with humble talk.
The designers of today, are the gods of tomorrow, they aim to rid this world of only sorrow.
With garments ending on an Epiphany, the paranoia is over.
It's time to flower.

Ages have passed but we learn from the past,
how memories make the dreams last.
It's not about our will, that we see the shrill,
we can only learn, then unlearn and be stern.
As the models walk, and the press talks,
 it's our story being told for the world to be bold.

This world accepts the new generation, and trains begin to enter new stations,
this grand show held every year, teaches the world not to loosen up to fear.
As we grow so do our new age children, they bend the laws of  logic and reason.
Ritesh Kumar's Paranoia

That's what it's about, isn't it?
How creativity binds and gives rise to the legit?
We have the power, and its not our mind,
it's the heart that has our direction confined.
We are part of the divine, and we get finer with age, just like wine.

It's a true story, captains of our own ship,
we sail on the seas analyzing our own trip.
And as we do, we enter the new void,
where people may stop and stare to find.
But there is nothing here left to avoid.
We have our own voice.

Paromita Banerjee's refreshing take on tradition
Our powerful vision.
We know how and when to make a decision.
Similar atmospheric presence we see,
we capture the essence like the everlasting trees.
And as the humblest of designers say,
never forget your roots,
never look for the fruit.
In abundance and harmony we flow,
we make friends wherever we go.
No good deed goes unnoticed,
no greed unpunished.
Choose to be honest,
choose to be compassionate and rumble in this wild forest.
This world is only one, but its works are a million,
and as we cover miles a trillion;
We believe in deliverance,
 we choose our own conveyance;

We makes events last, we ride the people of unnecessary dark.
We see only with clarity, and we define whats sanity.
Its a mad world true, but the 'mad' is the new sane.
And as always, from plasticity we refrain.
Glamour is alright, but from simplicity comes insight.
Do your job but don't make it your lief, and you'll see.
The world is full of spice!
Darkly romantic fantasy by Nitin Kartikeya
The grand fiesta teaches how to be free.
Free from desire, free from thought, absorbed in work;
Never to let the silence drop.
How to reach the stillness embedded within you,
when all around you chaos inculcates the new.
Whatever may come we stand like a tree.

Rooted to the earth, this is not a first.
We've learnt from civilizations gone by,
its not all hard, you just have to give it a hearty try.

When you know you can't run,
when you know you've all got to be right here.
Try and only clear this collective haze, and give rise to a new phase.
Where manifests what is truly needed, not according to you.
Only how destiny had pleaded.
And as always, we sail in acceptance.
Of what was, is and will be.
Abraham & Thakore 'Simple'
We are now free.

New music, and the new walk.
They bring in the new dew, the atmospheric presence is no more few.
There is equality in the presence and there is similar essence.
Rimi Nayak's ' Miss Type '
The ramp walk begins, and we count their sins, and then they count ours.
Who will emerge as the new star?
Will you go far, beyond your physical body,
or will you just sit there and let the boss do the talking?
Whatever it is you choose, i will assist you with our creativity infused.
Let's make some music, it's the new sound.
And that is how the difference is found.
Time to astound.

What a world it may seem!
Where everything fits from dresses to shoes, hair and persona.
Where people flaunt their internal fauna.
It shows how this world of synchronicity is made up.
Wherever you go, you find a pre-nup.
An agreement to watch, sit and stare.
As beauty shows its colorful flairs.
In elegance lies the power, in ignorance there's only dark.
Carry yourself to the simplest of people,
they provide you the definition of reason.
Anupama Dayal's 'Gulabi' collection
There is no room for even the justified treason,
as you see only what you are,
that's your sacred power.
Disregard the rest, and take it off as just a dress.
Throw on your single piece,
and rush to the beauty beach, preach what you teach.
Forever stays the magic, you have the perfect packet.
The media is inspiring to the world which is conspiring.
Follow your soul, to the people who are bold.
And have their story as yours, told.

Elasticity is the new world, where the next turn unwinds.
The new look, the old fashion.
How it's molded into our world, and how its concepts are told.
How its inspirations are formed into garments of silk and cotton.
How the length of the cloth shortens and creates a new pattern.
From psychedelia to dark, from traditional to the new age spark.
Everything flows in connectivity and travels at the aid of electricity.
Modern Tradition.

The inventions have a mask, the real face hides in the dark.
It's purpose is to be show, in cameras and ramps alone.
The one true message, we are all one.
Whether its money, whether its play.
Whether its showbiz, whether we run stray.
The only cause is to make the crowd applaud,
because they only buy what they see.
From the fragments of their own vision.
Whilst your creativity may get you places,
it's their creativity which will plant your traces.
So put on your new face, and enter the dawn.
It's simple business and simple talk.
All we have to do, is enter the shop.
Power of Indian women.
Designer : Tanieya Khanuja

Love and light from New Delhi.
Thank you to all the beautiful designers and models for this story.
We shall go forth, go far!
Thank you FDCI for this mind-opening experience.
And thank you, team DMD!
#wifw, #fdci, #wills, #fashion, #india, #glam
Love, music and grace!
Kartik Bajaj.

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