Thursday, 14 November 2013


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      I told you, Winter is here.

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When you find yourself upon times of heartache,
when you find yourself upon times of loneliness,
When you find yourself upon times of loss,
when you find yourself upon times of darkness.
Know, that you too arose from the dark.

Chess, it's more like life after all.
In a game of black and white, it's decided which one becomes the light.
The black is after all the darkest shade of white.
There are pawns, and plays. There are games for may.
The queen moves, the horse moves, the bishop takes the calls.
The king takes the fall, or the king takes it all.
In the end, it's the king's last bend, which will decide what comes into life.

But i tell you know, and you must listen.
Because with my truth, i've seen your eyes glisten.
It's no more a game, it's no more insane.
We've all felt the sorrow and the pain.
Choose now we must, what turns into light and what fades into dust.
It's your truth to carry, and your truth alone.
What paths you chose, where lies your sacred rose.

It's going to be long, before the fog dies out,
And within the fog, will dissolve your shouts.
Clarity is knowing, and i will lay it out.
I will show you what's going on, believe me without a doubt.
What new wings we've sprout, and what demons survive,
They will be our own, and we shall strive with hope,
We shall watch our world thrive.
The goddess and Sacred Geometry

Whilst we stand still.Oh yes, we stand still.
Just sit by the sill. And let it spill.
I once mentioned, there is a new king in town.
Don't make him frown.
Humble is our true color, don't diverge.
You'll lose your crown.

And once it falls, i'll be there.
To me you can call.
I'll be the one who makes you stand tall.
Together we stand, divided we fall.
The date is due, i now enchant my sacred hues.

And so it begins, the grand new season of the shows yet to manifest,
and we carefully sail through the future to determine what present may arise,
from the past that we witness as every moment fades and becomes grey from blue.
Step into the morning sun and find by afternoon the mist will come,
and hazy once again may be the air, but your light is present and,
you can guide the way and cast a spell on the ongoing trend.

Here's a short story for you.

I begin to narrate how deep entangled in fate this destiny pursues a universal theory.

N : Ego is what makes you. Without a stand you ought to fall.
Without a fall you ought to lose. Without losing you are never to learn.
Without learning you are to never know,
what magic ones ego is because it is active at ones will.
It's sometimes better to give in the hard way.
Move after you are vindicated.

K: Ego is an illusion. You can just move into the moment,
let a false self of yours take over so that you can let it do the hard work,
and in turn work wonders. You are learning.
But don't forget to dissolve it, before it dissolves you.

N: Everything has a purpose for its existence. 

K: Detachment. Involves detachment from ego as well. 
It's not you. It was you.

N: Detachment is a variation of an ego.
It persists with the illusion of a non-existent emotion.
That of an anti-human. A human is bound to care.

K: That's the point. You can just be human.
Or be your godself. Like you were created to be.
All absorbing, all empowering.

N: Cats ruled the world once. Then all the rulers became dogs.
Because dogs cannot be ruled, they can only be tamed.

K: If they can be tamed, i already rule them don't i?

The arrival of desire towards any thought or action,
indicates a strong energy, in synergy.
Synchronized with the emergence of passion unwinding a chain of events,
that shall change everything.
It's the power of true soul, friendship in its rawest form.
And it shall create tidal waves which smash upon the enemies door,
with the glorious om riff playing and it shall barge into the general weapon.
Of unkindness and ignorance that spans across the air and plunges,
towards its magnificent white shield, and shall bounce back.
Like the most basic of reflections.
Repulsion of the unkind.
Whoever you may claim to be, whoever you are.

I am whatever flavor your medicine tastes like.
Let's dive.

P: Just be people, my lovelies. And you will all be at peace.

We're perched at the highest branch going headstrong into the analysis of motion,
and we discover we just have to be who we are and the universe and gravity,
will shift accordingly and create a thunderous storm across time,
and surprise those who don't like being surprised.
Love is ancient and magical and the more we move towards freedom,
the more we reach out, towards love.
From anywhere, from everywhere.
Nothing is wrong when we are graceful with our thoughts.

Where the sun meets the water and the sky meets the sea, that's where i'll be.


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