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I don't know how to say this or what to start with but i do know what to end with. 
Welcome, to the altered states.
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It's the beginning of the beginning and the end of the end but it seems like just another bend. 

The road goes on, and so does the travel. 
Its how destiny unravels as the world sinks through holes,
and the gentle surface of nature twirls, and we find ourselves lost in space.

A time hole of sorts. 
Where at will and power arise ,thrills like meteor showers.
We are wired into a time of technology and development,
 and advancement of thought.
For centuries the medieval have fought,
 but here comes and era of 200 screaming beats,
blasted through the floor, bombarded through the streets.
Memories they last, and when the present collapses,
comes an endless bubble of unforeseen trouble, 
as we anticipate how to run, and how the story comes undone.

But that's the thing about the moment, we can cry and wail and torment.
There is nothing like the flow, there is nothing like being judged.
There is nothing like having your life in front of you smudged.

Your center of gravity is all that keeps you from insanity.
Don't have to refrain from profanity.

Don't be that guy.
I called you once, i called you twice.
I did not think about you after the thrice.
I just kept you with me so you can be,
and here you are just the same flower.
Brighter in my soul, my heart weaving your gold.
What is it oh love, what is it above.
From where arose the spice, what brings your skin to a boil?
Does it have to spill turmoil.

I roll from ground to ground, only to find these flashes surround.
I have this journey without an end, I am the path, however much you bend.
You have to walk on me, and i am your vehicle.
So where will you live, once you perish my name.
What will you train, once you've lost your own brain.

It's a matter of words, and words are all i have.
Word's are all we have, words are what make us laugh.

Smile, its simple. 
It has to be, once you know how not to flee.
Once you know what it means to pain.
Once you know what it means to gain.
Once you know what it means to feel.
Once you know what it means to see.

Music. It's us, it's everywhere.
I'm everywhere, you are everywhere.
Wherever you stare for too long you find,
How deep these memories, have you bind.
What art you make, what books you create.
What norms you hate, what armor you make.
You are your captain, you are your ship.
You are your flight. 
Just spread your wings.

And thus you'll find.
You taste everything just fine.
The colors you eat, your eyes will teach.
What you see is what you saw, what you see is what the universe saw.
It goes up, it goes down,

With perfect weight, it balances around.

When the other side is humble as my tide is,
it will dissolve into the ocean.
When the motion is upset, The situation will demand regret,
and once we enter the void,
It's only my floyd.

My echoing silence, wave forms twisted via violins.
Music to my ears, from emotions to tears, we feel it all.
But we never take its fall.

Watch, don't stare. Observe but don't glare. 

Or what's the point, you see what you want.
Whether its a victory glance, or a miscalculated taunt.
Either way, it's the same checker board.
The king checks his mate, the cards exclaim fold.
It will rain like never before, water will prevail as the age arises,
And the rivers will gush, they're over excited.

To find this way, is what i'm built for.
To rest in any hay, with a child like heart.
As innocent we are, we try not to lose our spark.
It's a mellow world out there, colors sometimes collide.
But that's the good thing about colors.

They're all just art.
Small colors to a big story. The macro-scopic picture.
But just like any hologram, the color is the macroscopic picture itself.
As without a world of it's own blue, how can it ever be navy hue?

Or touch the sky and absorb it's calm, or apply its sensuous turquoise charm.
I've told you once and i tell you again.
Don't try it, let it try you.
Don't fry it, let it fry you.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
If only you pondered upon my words a little longer ...

Whilst entering this sacred space, 
do not lurk for a scent or trace.
My beautiful thoughts will reconcile
 your beautiful mind.
You wouldn't recognize the place you'll find. 
All in all you are meant to be divine,
 so look more around you.
There is a lot of time.

Don't lose your world,
 it's that which you stand upon.
To be the universe.
You're already there, already a part of it.

Your fingers already know what to play,
And how to play fair, it's the technological nightmare.
In the night comes power, and with power comes clarity.
In the day comes silence, in silence comes strength.
What's the ongoing trend?

I admire your lack of judgement in your endeavors,
but don't lose your soul whilst your try and be clever.
If the rest of the planet were to absorb these waves,
wonder how many other strings they'd fray.
How many lives they'd save and how mammy wives they'd make.

Agni, Fire.

The amount cast upon revives itself tri-fold. It burns the spark itself.
Why would you try fire against fire? It would only multiply in failure to comply,
and render its very existence into the most revengeful color you haven't known.
Because what comes from within will never be part of the sin.
Is when your eyes are smiling and your mind is silent.
Your bodily vehicle parked.
Don't just be the spark. Be the fuel, light yourself on fire.
Seek those who fan your flames (rumi).
Abandon your only game, it is your name.
If you are one, you are none.
When you are all, you can never fall.

Try to realize it's all within yourself, no one else can make you see.
And to say that really only we're all once and life goes on within you and without you.
Innocence, when you find 'it'. You find 'you'.
But will it ever find you?

Depends on your innocent blue days. 
Where there is no hay, no games to play.
Look down upon, or frown upon.
Or enter the town and parade your crown.
Only time can tell, where your knowing may dwell.
It's the spur of the moment. Its where all the magic lies.

Come, join me.

He once exclaimed! 
" Let me tell you about heartache and the loss of god, wandering. Wandering, hopeless nights. Out here in the perimeter there are no stars. Out here we are stoned, immaculate. "

Back in those days where everything was simpler and more confused.

It's a funny thing about music. 
You can hear it, but you see it.
You can't tell that you're sinking but you can feel it.
You feel it, but then you want to be it.
When you be it, you know what it is.
It is you, you have become it.

Happy 2014.
All the love and light to you.
May you 'be'.

Joy, is the word of the year.

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