Monday, 27 January 2014

Illusionary Delusion, Visionary Retribution

The surface is broken. Welcome to the land of s(o)un(d)s
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The land of s(o)un(d)s

I've had the opportunity to gain the temporary token,
It pains and cries, anger flows in disguise.
It saw and heard, it never wants to come third.
Always in the race, exuberating grace, its flawless design,
It goes even when not rhymed.
This path to perfection, turned into an infection.
It lost the soul, to let the world un-whirl.

Momentary grace, is now like a mask without a face.
Bred in silence, is tonal violence.
How can you see without, if you even cant see within.
A you who cannot be true, to the ingredients of your own glue?
What will you bond with then, when there is no surface.
What will you stand on then, when there is no sacred place.
What will you become, when you have come undone.
In music there's everything, and here comes the best part.
In it there will be no heart, just a second start.
To begin one of the coldest days, with the end on a burning pyre.
Lost myself to my own desires.
And then you say let me stand next to your fire?

Go ahead, stand and i'll be sure to leave the gates unmanned.
My heat is always on the front seat, i'm sitting patiently waiting.
What is it next that you'll be berating?
Oh it's just me, my words make no sense.
I wonder tonight, why the fog is so dense?
I see in awe, i never find the flaws.
I talk in grace, my truest face.

When you see my demons alive, then you say i'm not letting you thrive?
You've killed all your wives, and you've burnt all your lies,
and then you say you left a lonely man behind.
Come child, let the journey unwind.
This book i'd love to bind.
With my crayons and blood, we'll let the things smudge.
Lets create something of a show.
Every page is a new throw, and then we'll move to and fro.
I think i'll go, and i think i'll show, what i really am, what have i planned.
Art by Totemical

It's not to much, just the truth,
Just the secret to eternal youth.
Just some melodies arise,
Just some footsteps sound,
Just some people frown,
The rest wear the crown.

Dance is celebration,
The reason of my meditation.
The purity of my eyes,
 will now survive.
The darkness of my eyes,
 will now flow.
Like tears in the moonlight,
they will glow.

And out comes the love, that we're so proud to shove.
Wear it like a glove, and here's a hug.
Don't let your shoulders shrug.
The best of men, or at least aiming to be.
There is no hiding from the truth, don't flee.

Feel my heart and take it as a dart,
Pierce your soul, and let the gold fall.
From the ground it will call, it's my turn to stand tall.

Together we stand, divided we fall.
But when collided?
Let fate make the last call.

When balance arrives, and clarity thrives,
and you know who you are,
These memories will take you far.
You are now what you are to be and if that is so,
you can let it all flow.

And float in its beautiful silence. That's water.
That's formless. That's connected to every atom of your soul.
To the soul of the universe itself.
The illusion melts and its no more held back.

The truth, the secret to youth,
It's the power of faith, of honesty and hard work.
It's the thriving heat of every beat in your mind,
and then you ask what else is there to find?

This is just the start, i'm lighting the spark.
There is nothing more, there is no shore.
You have the whole floor.
The stage is yours.
Let's dance.
GOA 2014.
Namaste all!
Danke schön

The way to the surface

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