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GOA- The Source - StarGazer Pt. 2

Note: This post is in continuance to my post from Mahashivaratri, Goa 2013 -

And so it seems that a divine time has cast it's magick spell upon us.
The GoanMantra is in the air.
Tranquility(top symbol), Sun/Moon/Horizon(Right)- Goa2013

WATER(center symbol) - GOA 2014
 We have traveled centuries beyond to finally reach this place of eternal bliss.
A time in place and history where nothing more has been foretold
or what happens tomorrow cannot be perceived by anyone,
 before tomorrow is actually today.

Sunset, @ Chronicle, Vagator
And so it's a first time for all of us.
There's this happiness in the air, a sense of belonging and freedom
 and not only to the places we were once comfortable in and called them home,
 but to anywhere and everywhere, and the whole arena seems to be our home.

Welcoming and friendly, there's atmospheric delight and grand insight.
It's a first time for all of us.

The source, from where everything arises and goes back to,
 has transcended into a massive black hole.
A black hole being something where there is nothing,
hence being the something where there is everything.
A place where nothing exists to give rise to everything that exists.

Anything that you can see, and imagine is yours to touch, feel and be.
It's truly the essence of who we are and what we do that defines us and where we go.
What we do with this life is it's only meaning.
Whatever meaning we want to give it.

Fear not amongst darkness and intimidation,
 as they are just illusions, of things which cannot exist without us.
As without us, there would be nothing to fear from.

Yes, our own self. The mirror that creates.

You see the fear in front of you?
 That's reflected by your own being and it's you.
Art produced in GOA by Malvika Jay

It is you and you are a part of it.
Enter the mud filled pit.

Enter the dark hole, and let the journey unfold.
After all were all born in darkness
to be able to live in the light,
but to live in the light your own
daemons you have to fight.

Once they perish, 
these moments you may cherish.
Of course, i love the dark.
It's where the brightest of stars are born.

Darkness is chaos, and you have to have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.

So dive into the chaos, become one with it.
Melt with it, and submerge yourself in your horror.

There will come a time when there is none left to submerge with,
and all your light and insight will converge.
Into one massive beam of white bright light.
Light so powerful, that even the blind may see it, or at least. Feel it.
They'll know we have everything to show, and nothing to hide.

We have become the ocean and it's powerful tides.
Into the wild desert we ride.
To look back is to look into fear,
Switch your gear, into infinity you may steer.
You are the captain, and you're the ship.
Your choices make you sink, your choices make you blink.
Your choices make you sail, your choices make you frail.
Your choices will make you fly, your choices will get you high.
And then you can try,and try to be divine.
Look for the omens, look for the sacred signs,
and closer you may be, for your destiny to unwind.

Flea Market @ Anjuna
You look for the sea and you find the sun,
you look for the horizon and you find none.
And then you complain, what life this is?
It's only what life ever is.
It gives you what you are,  it shows you whether you've come far.
Far from your pain, or far from your games, Or far from where you were.

Time to let those memories stir.

Time, is a natural healer.
They say patience is the worthiest trait of all.
It gives you that feeling of sitting down in silence,
with your vision focused and gently fixed with eyes at the horizon.
Which seek nothing, but knowing.
Knowing what comes, knowing what stands.
Knowing how to swim by any shark that opens it's jaws for prey.
Vantara Vichitra Label Party @ Monkey Valley, 17th Feb

You can surpass it of course.
You just have to be that underdog fish who sensed the shark,
before it arrives with it's gaping teeth, ready to shred.
But then again, it demands patience.
Not to loose yourself, against the fear or it's power.
Like everything else,
You can't just dive into the water knowing not how to swim.
And not expect to almost drown, at least twice.

But the third time you're drowning,
You'll already have known what's your last spot to survive,
and choose to give that last willing boost,
That spurt of pure and sheer power in you.
To cut through the waves, and fly out.
Through the water and into the sky.

And then you can shout out.
'I'm alive! '.
I'm a human being, darn it!
Portal Mechanism, 19 Feb, Soul Psykik

I am light 
I am infinite 
I am the channel 
I am expanding 
I am psychedelic 
I am vibration 
I am timeless 
I am unity 
I am activating 
I am resonate 
I am galactic 
I am radiant 
I am defined 
I am electric 
I am lunar 

I am magnetic 
I am planetary 
I am balanced 
I am organized 
I am connected 
I am inspired 
I am in harmony 
I am integrity 
I am perfect 
I am manifestation 
I am dissolving 
I am releasing 
I am liberated 
I am dedicated 
I am universalized 
I am enduring 
I am transcending mantra 
I am being 
I am communicating 
I am spirit 
I am breathing 
I am cosmic 
I am essence 
I am power 
I am action 
I am dreaming 
I am abundance 
I am intuition 
I am GOD 
I am extreme 
I am internal and external 
I am eye am flowering 
I am clocking 
I am aware 
I am life force 
I am surviving 
I am DMT 
I am spiraling 
I am art 
I am accomplishing 
I am healing 
I am beauty 
I am elegance 
I am pure 
I am flowing 
I am love 
I am chakras 
I am coinciding 
I am playing 
I am magic 
I am illusive 
I am free will 
I am wise 
I am exploring 
I am space and time 
I am waking life 
I am vivid 
I am enchanting 
I am timelessness 
I am incomplete infinite design 
I am alien 
I am human 
I am receptive 
I am vision 
I am energy 
I am mindful 
I am questioning 
I am answering 
I am intelligent 
I am fearless 
I am evolving 
I am eye I am opening my 3rd eye to the unseen vision 
I am translating 
I am synchronicity 
I am reflecting 
I am endlessness 
I am order and chaos 
Art produced in GOA by Malvika Jay
I am the Tao 
I am crystallized 
I am self generation 
I am affirming 
I am enlightened 
I am life 
I am tone 
I am color 
I am electronic 
I am lunar I am solar 
I am opposite I am polar language 
I am radial 
I am particles of plasma 
I am endurance 
I am cosmic 
I am releasing 
I am liberated 
I am perfect 
I am pulsing 
I am realizing 
I am the 1 because the 1 are all 
I am form 
I am in the infinite nothing that becomes the everything 
I am symbolic 
I am relative 
I am the divine spirit that harmonizes with the laws 
I am projecting the digital loom 
I am the tool of experiencing desire 
I am and finding ecstasy in process 
I am We, we are YOU
- Galactic Mantra ( Liquid Soul )
Sunset @ Fisherman's Shore, Chapora
Namaste, Love and Light from GOA
(The place where everything comes from and the place where everything goes back to)
The Source. Always expanding, ever contracting.
Love to all my friends all across the globe.

My Reach, Is GLOBAL.

My Tower,  SECURE.

My Cause, Is NOBLE.


Danke schön
In attesa di un anno di istruzione superiore in Italia, in Europa!
Verità prevalga

Soul Psykik, 2014

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