Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Welcome to my Forest


The engines roar, and the trains move.
The musicians have made the bass and grooves.
The people they listen, their eyes sometime glisten.
Oh yes they can relate, after all at times they're reminded of their fate!

Who is this man, this messenger they say. Why is he trying to make my colors gray?

Deviation from norm, is progress.
Stories they tell her, where she can hide.
Where she can drift, by my side.
It's only fair, she tried.
Why o' why, was he so wild?

Why o' kind miss, can you give me little kiss.
I'm just another child, making my way through the wild.
Fun it is, i haven't been lost, for my folks say that is the only cost.
Not knowing where to go, has shown me how the wind blows.
How nature can take its course, how without steps we climb floors.
To jump and sing and dance and be, how dark are the leaves of this little tree?

There's so much contrast, this journey may not last.
There's too much past, my heart is in a cast.
From love and lies, from failure and tries.
From pain and goodbye's.
From unlearning and getting high.
Aha! You're casting judgment, and you ask why your armor dents?

You mighty warrior, You beautiful queen.

You charming face. You luring grace.

You magician of sorts, You brightest of all.

You hunter in the dark, You frayed tree bark.

Care to take off your glorious mask?

I don't see why, you need to be shy.
I don't see why, you need to be high.
I don't see why, you need to put on a face.
I don't see why, you need to leave a trace.

What are these clever moves?
What game is it that you're playing?

Don't you know i'm the owner of wherever it is you're staying?

I can see all you do, i can be all you are.
I can tell you what you're not, i can make you disappear.

I can make you understand fear.
I can tell you to witness panic.

I can create a RELATIONSHIP between bold and italics.

The echoes of the distant tide 

I can show you the mirror, i can make you quiver.
I can capture you in a picture, and convert it into literature.
I can see through your eyes, and be what you see.
I can be your eyes, and see what you're meant to be.

Oops, i'm late. The train is taking off.

Wait, where's the runway?

Aren't you going to leave tracks?

What are you saying, is it a plane in the air?

What gifts do you bare?

Answer my question, where are we going.
What is it in the wind, that is blowing?

Of course, the answer.
Remember Dylan?

Ah! now you get it.
You act like the villain!
Ooh, you little child, you're such a clean soul,
why is this darkness your only goal?

Goddess. Here, there. Everywhere.

Well, i have this love for the dark,
you should see the brightness of my sight!
In this dark i will be the one to bring you light.

So you're telling me what i am,
Or atleast what is planned.
And there's no other way to go about it,
all of this is already scanned?

Well of course not!
You see, there are a million parallel ways.
In an ocean, there are a zillion waves.
So which one you want to ride?
Are you ready to become the tide.

Na, let it be. You can't see.
Really, you can't see.
What? What is it that you can't be?

Everything? you can't be everything.
Well, of course i can.
Welcome to my world.

Engineers they dance, in their lonely trance.
Mathematicians they equate, and weave up the fate.
Dancing into glory, until the morning sun may rise,
These scientists with every night, become another world wise.

Chefs cook the ideas up, manifest into the daily grub.
With food comes energetic spirit, you would never have to spin it.
But stir, don't let the ingredients blur.
Cook up the paradise, discard the daily demise.

Lawyers make the layers, keep an eye on the players.
Act as they must, but try and not let the ruling be unjust.
The flow can smudge. Intuition over instinct, they think as fast as we blink.

Management fills the air, its the shiniest glare.
To take the risk they mustn't blink, for the ship can always sink.
And along with it goes the captain.
The easiest goal is to tap in.
But to tap, you have to be there in a snap.
Otherwise the ball is gone, no more game to stand tall.

So be the play-makers, they don't need the credit.
Just let them edit.

Yes the designers alike.

Tall, short, thin, shabby, slow, fast, innovative and  spazzy.
 Their music always sounds so jazzy.
 The day is their intuition, you're in-tuition.

 Can you look over the confusion.
 Oh yes it's a must, let the chaos turn into dust.
 Raise your sand storm, walk through the evil forms
. And when finally the tunnel ends, we always already know.
The road's bend. To think but not listen, or talk and try glisten.

Or walk the talk, try and climb the top.
And once a peak, try the plains, because up the hill comes always the rest.
But then you have to go downhill.

Try and pay your bills.

Information:Time (Teaching) = Know(ing)ledge:Space(learning)
Information x Time

Manifestation : Contract x Expand = Wisdom = Experience (seeing)

So all i would say is.

Whoever you are to you and whatever you do.
Believe in it.

Dancing with the gods. @parvati records

Parvati Magick
I can, i will. Period.

Until next time,

Lots of love and light,
Soul Psykik



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