Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The Whole Spectrum

It's a brutal world out there.

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Every son and every daughter once told,
In an instance a memory may turn into gold.
In a minute, the gold would want to be sold.
The glitter may never remain in one's constant hold.
The shine once traded,
The memory can never be faded.
It would haunt you till you last,
Like a spell you can cast.
So what you once heard, may come before your eyes.
What you once thought might just manifest in front of your sky.

The power of belief.

Sit tight child, we know you seek your relief.
A journey with no end,
A grand circus with nothing to spend.
Watch what you may like,
Glance at your insight.
Manifestation through light,
Thought of once through sound.
In a flux of energy,
We gather familiar synergy.
The smell of power.
The scent of the traitors tower.
The renegade.
The possession of the game.
The painting without a frame.

A simple strand of information.
Once heard, read or shared.
A ray of light, a stream of thought.
A relative, familiar experience.
Information became knowing.
Knowledge applied to form an experience.
Behold, manifestation.
We have now acquired, Wisdom.

What is this creature?
Is that a human bodied feature?
Can you breathe with your lungs?
Can you look above when you're stunned?

There's confusion in the air.
There, is a scientist's flair.

Is this all this world is about?
Can't imagination create doubt?
Has the time long passed,
Where there was a ray of white in the dark.
Can there be no more inventions?
Can we go to no more conventions?

Of course, it was meant to be.
Without basic logic, how can anyone see?
Oh, but what is it that you call logic?
And if it's not there, is the scenario always tragic?
Why, oh why. Can we not believe in a little magic!

To see something, to feel something, to hear something.
And still not believe it.
Stupidity. Ignorance.
If you can feel, see, touch and be.
What is it? why do you have to flee?

Ah, i see why.
Cos without logic, how can anything be free!
Of course, it must be.
Utopia is just a dream.
But we've lived it.
In moments, in seconds, and hours and frames.
We've felt it's silence, we've seen the beauty.
From the very music, slamming into our souls.

We see it.
A dreamer, and i'm not the only one.
What is it that a boy hasn't done.
Why can't he be called a man.
What roads must be tread on?
 However much we grow,
Still children inside.
From sunshine, we're alive.
By night, we dive.
In the darkness and the light alike,
By all means we let truth strike.

Sink into our eyes, and we will shine your power.
Whatever you have to offer,
We will personally chauffeur.
We let the universe decide,
Where what takes the strides.
Which soul may walk with pride.
Which wave may be a part of the tide.

The collective conscious,
The connected unconscious.
The million questions in my mind,
The trails our ancestors left behind.
I may talk about the far,
I may make you walk on that star.
I may even burn your own scar.
But i promise you..

The truth will give your humblest, brightest power.

With nothing more left to hide.
You may lay by my side.
You may smile, and sleep into the stillness.
Your vibrations clear, nothing may possess.
You walk free on this land,
With nothing in your head planned.
And you will discover,
Why i always say, the gates may be left unmanned.

But if and when the seed shall fall,
And the fiercest of evil may call.

I will find you.

I will unwind you.

I will tear your very surface.

I will smell out the leading trace.

And i will pass it on.
As memory.
As a reverie.
And the universe may absorb.
Absorb and interpret.
Interpret and respond.
And through waves of sound,
May leave you astound.

Or shine like rays,
And reveal a million grays.
Funny it may be, to see the world in gray.
Where all there is, is brilliantly colored hay.

From our paths, hope we never stray.

It takes courage to stand up and talk.
It also takes courage to sit down and listen.
And once you understand, why it is you may or may not glisten?
You may then realize the effort you've put in.
You may reap the seeds of the dreams you sit in.

Karma, is a lady.
Just make sure that she is beautiful.
Stick to the just.

Eventually, everything has to turn to dust.

What matters is what castle of sand you built.
A fort or a tomb.
A ground or a grave.
A party or a rave.
A celebration of the brave.
A battle of life.
A journey into inpsyght.
A dance of the gods.
A blessing from the lords.

To ability to see everything around you come alive.
It's magicc.
And magick is all there is.
To lure us to our beds.
Wondering how everything may sum up in the end.
Or will this road ever have it's last bend.

Well, it's not on us to see through the future.
It's not us to dwell in the past.
It's just on us to dance till we last.
It's just on us to laugh till we crack.
It's just on us to live in understanding.
It's just on us to see through the flight's landing.

Technological nightmare, oh sacred medieval prayer.
The frequencies travel, as another world of communication we unravel.
Emotions passing through wires? Who would've thought.
I'd say dreamt, and it's come alive.
This is how these inventions may thrive.
Ideas are unique as they come out of our minds.
They may be lost in the air, it's only a matter of time.
Invest in the thought that winds the day.
Into a string of purity, that may never fray.
A win is only a gesture, a loss another name for pain.
Detachment is the last lecture, when you no longer need to gain.

So walk past landscapes, jungles and rain-forest's.
Walk past mountains, capes, and plains.
Walk past the very demons, who's eyes go insane.
Walk past the evils in humans and beyond,
Fly into the light, and sing your favorite song.
For a day is just a day in the life of a day.
What comes to it, it takes.
Whether full of color, or just a shade of gray.

It is upon you.
With what you fill your tray?
For all the colors in the world ended up in a shiny white ray.

There we go,
The whole spectrum.
Live the colors, be the sound.
Give it your heart, dance through the ground.
Let your tree root, let your love be the fruit.
See the truth. Be the truth.
And it will set you free.

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