Friday, 13 June 2014

And the truth is? It.

If i may interest you in some background score!

the 60s life

O' infinite cosmos,

Grant me the serenity, to accept the things i cannot change.
And the Courage to change the things that i can.
And the Wisdom, to understand the difference.

And so the time comes, the final goodbye.
We feel like we've made it, oh we've been so high.
There is no more.
We've done all we've wanted to try.
Now is the time to step beyond the height.

To these old memories, we try and not fry.
We've misunderstood those melodies for far too long,
for our mind, body and soul to not be a part of this song.

We have all the solutions near us,
Of course, we were the ones who placed the question.
So look around, realize the omens.
Follow your feet.

How many times have we been told,
What we learn is not what we've sold.
Our learning only gives us a path,
The way forward is what we have to hatch.
A memory of our own,
Can turn a million threads into gold.

What is life? What is this journey?

don't do that to her.

Life is nothing but experience,
A gift of consciousness.
What we make of it is up to us.

Places that call out to your names,
Resonate with your favorite games.
Places that show you what you're made of,
Places that know you for what you're made of.

It's life and life only, but don't take it too easily.
Where there's light, there's always dark.
An eerie melody.
What conspires inside those caves,
Why do they call this celebration an evil rave?
Of course it's evident.
They'd like to stomp over the brave.

When there's a blue inside a package of green.
How can it go unseen?
How can the baggage remain clean?
So change we must, the one that tries to see unique.
It must disappear, it's exit must be sleek.
But then come the skies of reality and tides.
Then comes the storm which breaks all norms.

and then we rise

Then comes the power of the truth.
Then the world witnesses the power of the youth.
You don't have to be a part of the usual stations.

You don't have to be a story when you can be the whole book.
You just have to search for that window,
In every corner and nook.
Of course, there are witty players and silly crooks.
But find your way, through the gray.

Treat it like you must, you may want to turn dawn into dusk.
You may want to turn delicate into musk.
You may feel like the weather is unjust.
But when it rains, those droplets of relief.
That's when it rises.

a coming together of sorts

A story once told, a million times told differently.
What you make of it is you, i'm just the words.
But words of intelligence, no room for negligence.
What you make of it is secondary, what you understand from it is the truth.
So wind yourselves up for it's a wild world.
And grind your hearts, rip your souls apart.
It's not that small, like a game of darts.
It's big, and grand and the gates ever expand.

It's the consciousness, and all you can be is it.
The revolution has arrived.
Now you can wonder where you actually sit.

In offices and corporations, it's echoes thrive.
Now mix business with pleasure, as travel finds leisure.
As meditation finds movement,
As stillness turns dynamic.
As Indian starts to sound Arabic.
As we slowly get rid of those bad habits.

As we gently smile into the eyes of the rabbit.
There is no hole no more, there is no shore.
There's an ocean all around us.

serenity awaits

I call it the ocean of existence.
There's freedom and power.
There's a whole innocence filled shower.
When you get your wits straight,
And you can entangle with fate.
For what happens, happens for the whole world.

If injustice prevails, let it's tales unfold.
What you watch is watched all around.
How the design transforms into sound.
How the groove hits into your veins,
How the recipe is formed from the strain.

The secret to life.
Adventure is a must.
Risk is a frame, a window if it remains.
It opens for a while, if you catch it, smile!
If you don't, just wait.

Soon the window will turn into a gate.
Then walk past slow, and as you do. Glow.
Because you saw it coming,
And now the birds are humming.

Sing your song,
Prove the other side wrong.
Walk, your stride strong.
This last walk, is going to be long.

Real eyes, tear lies.

Eyes that tell, what lies in hell.
And eyes that ring an angelic innocent bell.
Eyes that catch, the heart skips a beat.
Eyes that smile, the lessons they silently teach.
There's a world in those eyes, and it's getting brighter.

There's a universe in every eye.
And we can see it getting higher.

Adrenaline, it's what makes us alive.
It's what tells us, that in this world we have to thrive.
Dance to your own beautiful vibe.
And let those instances coincide.
And then we shall find, It's never coincidence.

Maktub. Evidence.
Seeing it, not believing it.
Feeling it, yet not believing it.

When you can see it from your own eyes,
When you can feel it through your cores inside.
Know it.
It's the truth.
And the truth is all it has.
Be it.
says it all

The dancers become the sound.
The lights become the stage.
Holographic in nature, it can create any caricature.

Dimensions become infinite, even if it's just a room.
The Dj's, they make you move to the groove.

The Producer's they make you think.
Together, We all dance and Sync.

And then you realize, you didn't even blink.

To a beautiful year, of truth.
Of Realization.
Of Action.

And of course, the one religion.
Music. Connecting across borders.
Let's dance, lets enhance.

People call it the power of trance.
And so we're told, that's how a festival unfolds.

Lots of love & light
--Soul Psykik--

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