Thursday, 3 July 2014

The Two Souls : Hope and Grace

So now you embark upon a gentle song,
A shallow whisper. .
A sense of belonging is in the air.
There is a feathery touch to a slithering snake.
There is a shimmery look to a vanishing fade.

What sorcery is this?

The room is filled with aroma.
The broomstick is gone.
The witch is flying.
In her tower, but. Rapunzel is crying.

Who are these creatures.
Why are they spying?

The two sisters.

Hope and Grace.
They come and go without a trace.
They speak those words, then vanish into haze.
This chaos is caused by a creative space.

There's music in the air, some cards here or there.
They gently speak with a laugh or two.
A tone of blue, a hint of green.
And there we have the yellow submarine.
There's a wine filled glass, called sangria. It's class.
There's a green eye divinity, staring at a million entities.
Her tattoo says ' serendipity '.
Her neck is glowing, her hair is always flowing.
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What's there in a name?
She asks, as a gentlemen offers her a glass.
Her shiny white teeth, takes the gentleness of the sheets.
The man is raw, and staring at her bare.
Inside his mind, plays a million dirty dares.

The stench of the drink,
And her heart subtly shrinks.
She lands on the bottom of the sink.
In her despair,
She stares at another pair.
Another set of lovely shoes lost their flare.

To her disgust, was just a matter of trust.
That she couldn't see what her eyes told she must.
Is it a camera, or a mirror of dust?
Is this all they have to offer, some dirty lust?

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What is there in your name?
She asks, now.
Who are you and what is your game?
What do you think..

You could please me?
Do you think you'd like to tease me?
I've seen the likes of you, and a million more i see.
Around me, you drool like a bunch of fleas.

I sit here, and drown myself in this elixir named Ethanol.
Oh, snap.
That's not what you folks call it these days.
I guess it's alcohol.

Well, all i see now is you and your sorry excuse.
You come to me, and my beauty you try and seduce.
I watch your eyes, and your slyly smirking lips.
And you think that gives you the right to stare at my hips?

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And then you say, that i'm being loud.
And then you say, you're not wrong, it was just the crowd?

Man, i should give you a crown.
You could be the worlds most celebrated clown.
But then again, calm down.
Look around you.
See what you've found?

Where have all the women drowned?

And then when Dylan ask's you.
"What was it you wanted? Tell me again so i know.
What's happening in there? Whats going on in your show?
Whatever you wanted, slipped out of my mind.
Would you remind me again, oh would you be so kind? "

Oh, where was i?
Yes, so why did you come to me?

Miss, i saw you from a distance.


I just wanted to get a closer look at you. .


Then you looked at me, and i wanted to. .
(Her eyes widened)
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I'm sorry i think i'm a little tipsy, I'm not usually like this.

So you were a little lost, and looking for a way to come
and express how YOU WOULD LIKE TO?

Talk to me is it?

Well, do you know where i was?

I looked at you looking at me and i looked into your eyes.
My self reflected in you and i saw what you were looking at.
Which was me.

And when i saw you looking at me,
And i looked at the way i was looking at you.
You didn't realize that i was looking through you..
To what you were looking at.

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Which was me.

And when i saw me i wasn't happy.
I wasn't happy the way i looked to you.

The way you would make me.
Or the way you want to make me.
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Bitch, i have no idea what you're saying.
I'm out of here.
You wouldn't want to mess with me.
You don't know who i am.

Yeah? Who are you?
(Eyes ferocious) (Ready to rip)
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Yes, who?

I'm the son of..

Ahan? GO ON!

I would love to know who you're born to and what you're born with.
Because that's what you think you are.
Because that's what you're proud to be.
Because that gives you a sense of manhood and strength.
The motive to conquer everything.
And objectify, dice, try, sink, smoke, drink, pass, tease, please, grab, touch, sense..
Everything that you see.
You're just another ZOMBIE.
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You're a nutcase, has someone told you?
You're barely a woman.
You're pathetic.

Really? You shouldn't have wasted so much time talking to me here then?
(Calming down)
What sense does it make?
(Smiling naughty)
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Am I'm coming with you?

If you want to, i got a great ride back to great BIG(stressing) house.
And a great bed at that.
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(smirking, wink)
It's the good life.

She takes the drink, ingests it.
Starts to walk away.
Turns around.
Walks back, and splurt's it out on his shirt.

" I hope i PAINTED a pretty picture of you, for you. "

She's off.
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Mirror, mirror.
On the wall.
Who's the fairest one of all?

And as Hank Moody, say's,

" No matter how many times we get it  wrong, We never give up.
We keep trying. Until the beginning and end in a blurred something,
called Until We Meet Again..

And that's it, I didn't know how to finish it.

Because it's not over. And it'll never be over.

Until there is You. And there is Me.
There is Hope & Grace."

Source : The skies


Until we meet again..!

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