Friday, 29 August 2014

Sat Namm

The truth is, what i'm searching for is everywhere. 
Yet, it is nowhere.

You see, its a choice of lifestyle.
Simple things that make a difference.
Yet, they don't ever matter. Never will.

 What you see is what you get.
Yet you'll be a man filled with regret.
Happiness is such, that temporary it's a must.

You see their pain, and it becomes yours.
This is what i call the irony of our age.
This is why, the whole world is a stage.
When you know beyond what you can grasp.

You finally collapse.
Your imagination is beyond imaginary.
That's why they call you a visionary.

But a visionary,

has a vision that's scary.
You see, it doesn't exist.

Yet you see, it does.
It's all about what your eyes can't see.
It's all about what they can never be.
It's a choice of lifestyle.

Here or there, everything is the same.
Of course, the atmosphere is different.
But the story stays the same,
Through the money and the fame.

The places may change,
but as humans we refrain.
We can be much more,
we can swim from shore to shore.

Tears, i need.
Tears, indeed.

But none come out,
Until there is no more doubt.

Wings we have sprout.
But fly, we cannot.

Soar we can, that's the simple plan.
But how far are you willing to go.

After all,
materialism is all there is to show.

There's an option,
Go slow.

But when you do, you become the flow.
And when eyes and ears you can be,
What happens to your own?
Where do they go.
In a carnival of rust,

You're just a ghost in the dust.
Not a part of the plane.
Yet, a dart in the game.
You see, and they feel.

You hear, and they pain.
And then it ripples,
with immense power.
And then the fury upon you showers.
Where will you go.
When there's no one left to save you from yourself.

The truth is my identity.

The truth is all i am.
Whoever has to find me, will find me.
Whoever has to confide in me.

Whoever has to bind with me.
I remain transparent.
It's apparent.
It's all there is.

I am all there is.
I love you all.
I shall never fall.

Just, pick up my call.
Because when the time comes,
You will hear a million hums.

Of hearts that you've broken.
And ties that you've severed.

May the peace find you.
May the light find you.

May love surround you.
Thank you Max, Manuella, Sara, Jasbhagat, Ajja, Naima, Parvati Records and all the other beautiful beings!

Grazie mille Blackmoon 2014, Italy                                                                                                                                             - Soul Psykik

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