Monday, 22 September 2014

Technical Hiccups

Can i interest you with some background music ?

Reap with a smile, get to walk another mile

I get to see the destruction while you try and cross it.
I get to see the construction whilst they don't even gloss it.
I get to be the obstruction and don't even doubt it.
I get to play the game without the fame.
I get to see your shame, without the pain.
To me you're all the same, one day train. The next day fail.
The day after call. The next week fall.
The week after you stand tall.

Like nothing happened.
Like something should speak.
Like i should make your senses tweak.
What is it i teach?
I teach how to preach.
If you don't practice your education.
You can't know the next station.
So what good is a train.
When you know there is a plane?

What good is silence.
When all around you is violence?
I'll tell you.
Be silent.
They'll tell you be violent.

I'll tell you be a violin.
You know how it sounds?
It's painful yet wears a crown.
It's a wonderful epiphany.
To be the one you can never be.

To yourself you must question.
What is this inception.
Can you walk your own dreams?
Can you stalk your own being?

Can you satisfy yourself?
Can you prove your right, your wrong.
Can you answer your own demon.
Can you turn your instinctual beam on?

Intuition by day, Instinct by night.
Without a doubt, you can take flight.
Whoever you cross, you can witness their might.
As gentle as a feather,
or as firm as tuscan leather.

We must stay together.
You tell yourself that.
Because inside you is whatever can hide you.
Your child of dreams,
Your world of steam.
Turning into water,
As you watch the world slaughter.
What good is a name.

What happens to the blame?
Why do they point at you.
All you have been is true?
If it's so, you can jump and dance.
You can fall in everlasting romance.
You can see you have them all.
You can see they answer to every call.

Trust is a small word.
Like a sparrow is a small bird.
But the difference it makes?
Is real.
Because the sparrow's joy no one can steal.
It's beauty is whoever see's it.
It's kindness is whoever touches it.
It's throat you may slit.
But then where will you fit?

Is lust a must?
Can you then call it unjust?
It's only a matter of time.
When you look past the rhyme.
You realize it's you,
and then my words you will see through.
And then when you know where you stand,
You'll know what these words have planned.

It's a state of trance.
You can dance away your sins.
But remember, that's where it all begins.
A new road may unfold.
But the path may be warm or cold.
And so you're told,
To not let it get the better of you.

The bitter is drowned,
The horns are found.
They blow a gentle melody.
They remind me of great bark, a yellow tree.
You can see, it's serene.
It's a tree after all.
It's roots fall into the core.
It's like the edge of the shore.
From here there are two ways.

Onto the land,
or into the sea astray.
Wherever you are,
Direct your being.
It's true, it is.
Whatever you're feeling.

Don't waste time,
it's the only currency.
It's what makes the currents see.
Where to go, and where to hide.
What force to put behind the tide.
And finally when the new tracks arrive.
You know you made it,
and then you will thrive.

But that's the question.
Why wait to only survive?

When you know there is no man at the gate?
When you know there is no prison but your own mind.
Can't you free yourself?
Where can you hide?

It's the only thing stopping you from taking pride?
What have you found?
What do you feel now.
Are you spell bound.

If you don't believe,
take a rebound.
Bounce back on the floor,
drown the sorrow you bore.
There's only one way up, and no way down.

Do you understand now?
Get up, wear your crown.
Princess, turn into a queen.
The path is gentle,
like you it's clean.

To Laugh is a must.
To Love is not lust.
Passion is a flame.
Fire, is not a game.
Burning is important,
If you don't believe me record it.

Memorize your feeling,
when adrenaline hits your ceiling.
And run as fast as you can,
because soon there will be a change of plan.
Who makes the change?

Two hands to a clock,
One hand just to mock?
It's three.
it's the only way it can be.
Driver. Force. Core.
Mind, Body. Soul.
Tick. Tock. Tick.

Don't act like a prick.
Respect the whole lot.
It's better than getting lost.
Re-examine everything you've been told.
Discard anything that insults your soul.

Good, and old.
Take the stage.
Stomp your feet.
Or jump on your toes.
As high as your flight goes.
It has to land.
just make sure there's floor.
To have a lot of luggage, you need to store.
Whatever you've caught, is not to just get lost.
These are memories you bore.
And their pain you've tore.
But shed it nonetheless, every time you sink.
It's only a matter of two blinks.

Duty calls,
Fractal patterns and hyper-strength.
Go figure.

With lots of love and light,
Soul Psykik