Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The Bridge

So i've got to say, this is purely romantic.
Or at least, of what i make of romance.

So you know this feeling,
when you're standing on a bridge alone?
You have nothing on your mind,
you're just watching the water flow under you.
As you stare at the water,
gently floating under, its gives you a sensation.

That the water is stagnant,
And the bridge is floating, gently.
Do you realize what happened?

You became the flow.

Even for a second if so.
It's just how it happens.
You're just standing there,
staring into point blank.
It's the only time you let down your flank.
There's no guard, there's no feeling.
Your mind feels like its about the hit the ceiling.

Understand that just like this flow,
You are the person, the one to go.
You just have to stop, stand, stare.
The whole world will revolve around you,

Love, it's like a melody.
When you're in love you know.
It doesn't have to be eternal love, 
for it to show.
It's just a feeling, like any other.
So what about the rest of them,
Aren't they intense too?
Of course they are, 
Only your perception is too far.
Look, it's just a simple road.
There are many great melodies.

With time the memories unfold.
Things that happen, do for a reason.
Time heals all,
It happens every season.
What's happened is a must,
Don't call it unjust.
Not just yet,
before you make moves you regret.

Because that's the feeling of pain,
That's why your mind strains.
Why make a decision based on now,
When we know it's all we have.
Why don't we let now, make the decision for us?

It's simple, yet so strange.
It seems like the process is a game.
But it's  not, its just the thought.
What your heart feels is the only truth.
But you know, it's your only youth.
Never comes again.

Would you stand on the bridge.
Close your eyes for a second?
The river will speak to you.
You'll learn another lesson.

I've told you more everyday,
And everyday i've known less.
As time passes by,
I pass by.
I've opened the room,
When the outside was flushed with water.

It swept in 
swept me off my feet.
Gobbled up the room.
And again, everything was lost.
Everything inside was floating.
But do you realize, what happened?

I became a part of something bigger.
Bigger than me, bigger than the room.
Bigger than the vessel.
I was a part of the river/sea/ocean.
I was a part of something which had everything,
Now i don't need to swim my way.
The potential energy carries me through.

They say if you're drowning,
and you try to fight it, you'll drown.
Listen to the voice inside you,
Float, the water will just surface you.
Don't lose your breath just yet.
In the end, you're on top.
Don't tire yourself by fighting nature.
It has it's ways.
But it's never unfair.
It does what it has to.
Because it's bigger than mankind.

Bigger than the worldly realm,
It ceases to exist on this material plane.
Of course if you really want to make this,
about water and drowning and technicality,
you'll never understand what the fuck i'm saying.

But trust me, don't use your mind.
Just read, just feel my words.
Don't you think there's something more.
More to what i'm saying?
Well its all about opinion.
I'm just a messenger.

But okay, we'll go with the heart.
Ever feel like it's hurting.
It's trying to tell you something.
Why don't you listen, 
Instead of reacting to it.
Why don't you drown in it's sorrow when it pains?
Why do you want to do something about it.
Are you going to die?
Probably not.

But you will, inside.
If you don't listen to it.
One day, it just stops talking to you.
Believe me, when that happens,
You're already dead.
Why make everything so complicated.

Why don't you just sit and watch.

I know, it's not easy to sit on a chair.
And watch, the whole world burn around you.
But really, do you think running into,
the fire is a better option?
You really must be willing to sacrifice.
Of course, you can see no one following.

It's a road which is not meant to be followed.
Whoever stands on the bridge is the river.
The river will show you the way.
But are you willing to just sit there and see?
Maybe, maybe not.
But you can give it a try can't you?

What is it that you really want?
You can't have an answer, without having a question.
Throw your questions in.
Indeed you will find the answer.
Just articulate the question.
You know, when you know something.
From deep inside, you just know it.

There is nothing which can show you,
or tell you or lead you.
It's only what you see fit to you, 
that will lead you.
But listen to it closely.
There's a difference, 
between what you feel,
and what you think you feel.

When you're lost and you can't find the bridge.
Stop, go back in time.
Where did you start out from?
Where was your home,
from where you walked out of,
to seek what you do.
There's no other way.
Maybe try it another day.

Faith is a word used too often,
Felt too little.

Emily tries, but misunderstands.
She's often inclined to borrow,
somebodies dreams till tomorrow.

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  1. In the shadows that she paints, lies the story she can't tell
    There's so much he could give, so much he could say
    All her life she's looked up to the clouds..
    For the rain to fall
    One day soon she will be loved, it's written deep within her fate

    Thank you for the truth