Monday, 27 October 2014

One Step Closer

I'd like to tell you i know more now,
I'd like to tell you i see further than before now.
But you ask me how?

You ask me when will you see?
It's all in my head?
That's the only thing you think i dread.
That's the only way you see me shine.
That's the only way you feel i'm divine.

But i tell you, not now.
It's not the question of how.
How, or why or when,
When did this melody begin?

So i take you back,
A couple of years untold.
A piece of worthless dime.
It's scratched like it was never gold.
What's in a name, what's in the bag?
What's the hall of fame, when is the momentary lapse?

I asked you what you see, when you see me.
You told me you find you, and then you can be me.
But that's not right, why can't i gather insight?
Or how can you, when you're not you.
But you're trying to be you,
Like different shades of blue.
When you see the darkness, 
you shine your light.
When you feel the darkness,
you find your soul and might.
It empowers your soul, 
your blood bursts red,
your power flows in waves,
in a flux of threads.

They entangle the atmosphere,
they hang over walls,
they drown any reason, 
any shimmer or calls.
Shiny eyes, them shiny white eyes.
How does it feel like,
When you learn it's a disguise.
How do you know even, 
what's about to rise?

It's simple.
I feel it,
Before you see it.
I can be it.
I can guess your chit.
What can you call me?
A liar, a deception.
Well, every great idea was born through conception.
And when it takes shape, 
as it gently takes form.
Like a razor sharp knife,
or the thunder before the storm.

Dissolving all pain, 
and circling the dust,
carrying it all around. 
Breaking your only crust.
It rips through your face,
cuts through your skin.
Then the true you evolves,
coming out of your sin.
What you find is the face,
where people find no trace.
What's the identity, 
or the task,
And what's left to last?

People, people, people.
Walking everywhere, eyes about.
Gently looking, or staring without a doubt.
Where have these new roots sprout?
What can you call, when you can't shout?
I tell you now, try and find no reason.
Just go with season,
it goes by fast.
It's cold now,
But it's colder when it's dark.
When you see the morning sun shine,
Bow down and take a blessing from the divine.
Closer we are now, to where we are going.
What is this piercing new breeze that's gently flowing?
What is this simple wind of sorrow,
why does it not feel like it's hollow.

You begin to see, what it's like to be free.
There is free will, there is freedom.
That's what it's called.
It's the same thing.
What you do with it, is up to you.
Can you try and change the color, the hue?
Or tweak up the contrast, make the dark ones blast.

Splatter over the page, 
patterns twirling like a maze,
like a spider gently walks into its web,
knowing there's a dear friend, waiting in the end.
Crawling up, it's claws inside, looking at lunch.
Whats there to hide?

The eyes shine, its screaming out.
But the mouth is shut, it can't even pout.
In gentle delight, the lunch is made.
There is never a rule, that the queen forbade.
It's choice, and matters that rule us all.
It's our power to try and take the fall.
Or run.
why don't you.
Run like hell.

Climb up the hill, till your knees swell.
But once at the peak, do look down.
Take a ski board, and plunge without a frown.
If you don't go forward, that silence will dissolve you,
But you can float inward, then nothing can grab you.
There are memories, they come rushing to stab you.
Take it, over and over again take it.
Till the knife is sharp no more,
Till nothing is left to cut no more.
Till the surface is ripped apart, and torn to bits.
What will you find then, what will take those hits?

I try to tell you, don't compare.
I try to tell you, try yourself, dare.
What's with that stare?
Work it out, can't you smile first?
What's water if it doesn't quench thirst?

I want to cease, i want to stop.
I want to turn blind, to all those shops.
I want to make my bread,
And sew with my own thread.
After all,
It's the best a man can get.

Va bene?


Soul Psykik

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