Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Arrivo - The surfacing

If i may offer an introductory melody of mine :

You know the feeling you get in your feet sometimes? 
Where you can't sit or stand in one place, 
everything seems like it's flashing around you?
You just want to get up and start running so fast, 
that the surrounding blurs in front of you.
I feel it a lot.
Not the escapist kind of running, no.
The kind where you want to push your body to it's optimum level.
The kind where you want your feet to go so fast, 
that you can't believe you have them.

The kind where everything just oozes out of your brain,
in a flux of a second, no strain.
To finally find a moment of silence,
After countless hours of pain.
The pain that's sweet of course.
For otherwise, you'll be at loss.

But no, tonight i'm not going to tell you about loss or gain.
Or hate and love. Or to try and be the one above.
I just want to tell you how it feels.
To be free from thought.

It's simple, really. To be lost in a feeling.
But when you have none.
That's when the real games have begun.
What happens to a person when there is no thought?
What happens to the clouds when the sky causes drought?
I'll tell you what.
They're in constant formation
Like a train starting to get ready to stop at the next station.

I sit at the window, and look outside.
The motion causes blur, but really not so much.
Once you're part of the motion,
the laws of physics just take over.
Like a guided force,
Everything is moving so fast,
that it looks like nothing is moving.
Stand still.

Climb the bus, take your everyday pill.
Looking into motion, the only thrill.
Observation is the key, to see.
To have vision, you don't need eyes.
To have clarity, to look beyond the disguise.
Everything starts, with the feeling.
Interpretation isn't a must,
but don't let the observation fall into dust.
It has a meaning. Of course it does.

When your mind processes information,
Try and not be unjust.
To every object there is a crust.
What matters truly, is what's beneath.
Oh we're told. 
Of course we know.

But the crust itself, 
isn't it also the very being of the object.
It's essence lies on the outside too.
Simply, not to interpret on contact.
But gently caress, and feel it's layer.
To know what's inside is the job of the mighty tide.
But to cause the tide, the motion is a must.
Like to passion, some would interpret lust!

But really, enough of that.
Time to put on your thinking hats!
It's like a game, only we're on different levels.
The same hell, only different devils.
What isn't wonderful?
You can smile, you can be, you can see.
You can touch, feel, smell, taste.
You can walk, jog, run or race!
You can jump, squeal, squat, or sit.
You can make a house full of glass,
But you got to lay the first brick!

You work represents who you are,
Whether it's a galaxy or just one star.
What's it made of?
What does it all come down to?
What's the secret ingredient of this stew?
You know what's going to happen now.
I'm sure you know it's you.
It's always been you, and you know it too.
It's like asking for being sick without flu.
It's contagious, like a smile.
Oh yes, it does take a while.
But doesn't it reach to where it begins?

From onc face to another,
brother to brother, 
friend to the other,
father or mother.
The simple conveyance of feeling without feeling.
The idea of calling it a roof, rather than a ceiling.
The same it is, it's not like it's a quiz.
But we love to ask questions
Of which we know the answers.
Only that one question leads to another.
And the answer is lost.
But hey, why sit wondering about it?
You found a new question.
Ancora(again), the process has begun!

We all want answers.
But to what?
How can you find the answer without having a question.
Once you know the rules, you can play.
The first one learnt, there aren't any rules.
It's like senior high school.
We're all made to be fools.
Unless we find ourselves.
Clean out our cluttered shelves.
Where does that begin?

They're tricky.
Sometimes you love them, 
sometimes you don't understand,
sometimes they come out unplanned.
sometimes they hurt the ones you love the most,
sometimes they make you feel like you're not one to boast.
sometimes they look you in the eye and you smile,
Sometimes they make you feel like happiness has been gone a while.

Ma perche? (But why?)

What about seconds ago, before the incident happens,
everything is your everyday spell.
What makes this any different from the story that you tell?
It's new because it just happened,
but don't get lost in thought, 
because what happens next may finally end the drought.
And then it rains, generous of it's kind.
We forget the days where the roads looked dry.
But then we ask, why so many clouds?
Why isn't the sun speaking today, as loud?

You see, there's always going to be a feeling.
One day the other, any other day another.
But that shouldn't let you bother,
the weather isn't getting any hotter.
It's cool and calm,
and in the wind blows a gentle charm.
A sense of newness is found, with daylight it's a new town.
By night you feel the same,
another day you let your blood drain.

You sit in your chair, with the screen in your eyes glare.
And you ask yourself?
What happened?
And then you smile.

You've walked a million miles.
You've walked them in straight lines.
You've seen so much change,
that change is all you know.
And then you ask, how do we become the flow?
We see so much change, that change is now the constant.
And we always knew, but never saw it come alive.
And then we ask how inside us, these feelings thrive?

They come with change, and now change is forever.
In acceptance or regret, your choice has to be clever.
Because things will always stand still,
When your walk will begin.
When you stop, 
look around you, the crop.
It's what we sowed million thoughts ago.

Now we just harvest the whole row.
Things are a lot faster.
Time seems to flash by.
Almost feels like you're high.
And then i ask myself, why?

And then i tell myself.
That's why.
I make the question, 
answer it in time.
Look at the answer until it forms a rhyme.
Then i sip, on a glass of wine.
Oh, life is just about fine.
Let the sun shine.
Let the water fall.
Let the music call.
Just sit back and listen.

'cos i can't face the evening straight, you can offer me escape.
houses moving houses speak, if you take me there you'll get relief.'

The thing beautiful about here is, people respect goodness.
Kindness flows in one another when everyone is at ease,
about the beauty and diversity in each of us. 
There is a sort of synchronicity that sucks all the negativity,
and brings in a peaceful conversation.
Flickering of the eyes, sometimes a smile.
A gentle exchange of no words.
I love it and everything about it.
I want to be a part of it's essence and add mine to it.

To the radiant charm, that makes me shake.
To my core, yet willing to be shook further more.

The essence of architecture so true,
that a person living in a space, becomes the space itself.
How's that for a start?

Love & Light

12 Novembre 2014
Florence, Italy 


  1. relief, believe.

  2. you always did

    1. Mi dispiache, I'm not interested in playing games anymore..
      Straightforward works for me
      and if you are a million kilometers away
      i suggest you stay that way..

    2. I can't without saying i'm sorry