Monday, 8 December 2014

Whilst the hunter, becomes the hunted

When you're shot down and on the low,
and you can't tell where it is that you have to go.

When you know you have the will to survive,
but you also know it's going to slow down your life.
When you can caress your hands, 
hold your palms.
When you can calm your soul down,
like the water and it's charm.
When you feel that you cannot find your breath,
but your heart doesn't want to stop, to take another step.
When you know what you have to say,
but you can feel those emotional strings fray.

Break it all, let it be.
There is another day, it's not the same as to flee.
I was once down, and i was once low.
I couldn't create the wind that was supposed to blow.
I couldn't ask for love or to hold or to sacrifice.
I couldn't look above what i considered daily demise.

What i didn't know was the answer is right there.
What i didn't see was the stare is just like the glare.
The subtle difference remained and it's asked me to hold still.
Where you can't look at the glass crack, the screams still remain shrill.
It's not a part of silence or thought,
It's not a part of violence or emotions we've fought.
It's just a matter of time.
And momentum that takes place.
But she's a cruel mistress, momentum.
And your compromise she can erase.

But if the truth were to be told,
and a million copies of it were to be sold.
It would have to be seen as faith did no good.
As it should, it didn't suffice.
And because of it your own face you had to hide.
Why the will to survive, or walk ahead and strive?
Of course there was none, and you could crawl back into the dark.
There was just a small spark but there was no base for the fire.

It's like the memories in our heads.
Only serving as electrical wires.
It's come beyond space and time, 
and all the stupid melancholy and rhymes.
Why i say it's dumb is because i'm even beyond numb.
Smiling at sorcery like it's to be treated with mockery.
But that's the answer, to life and it's disguise.
And now is the time to take it with pride.

I'll tell you now, a short story as such.
If you read in a single go, it won't be too much.
Stop and interpret, and you'll lose this day.
It's going to burn a fire in your hay.
So i'd suggest you put your mind to rest.
If this is the toxic you're going to ingest.

I call it..

Where are we going?
Why does it feel like its snowing?
What are the seeds we've been sowing?
We know they're what we reap,
but do we realize where we're flowing?
Do we understand the philosophy?

Where you breathe you emit.
You can't help, but edit.
You should understand it's in your grip,
But i know for a fact we all want to take this trip.
Why oh why, do we make this world shy?
Where we see with our minds,
and our eyes taste disguise?
Where we understand what we don't,
And our bodies jolt!

It's like this electricity bolt,
and the truth is seldom sold,
But there comes a time,
a coming together of sorts,
Away from judgement,
and all those similar thoughts.

There's a transmission of electricity,
of course it's a modern world we live in.
It ain't no more an otherworldly sin.
You feel what you're supposed to,
and you be what you're exposed to.
Just don't lose sight,
It's an otherworldly insight.
These emissions we try to fight,

But how can you fight a black hole?
How can you buy what's not to be sold?

You can only witness, 
the power is beyond comparison, 
its like the words of George Harrison.
Without going out of your window, 
you can know all things around you,
The farther one travels,
The less one knows.
thinking is the best way to travel,
and the best way for destiny to unravel,
there are no insane hassles,
only a few tassels.

Don't get caught up in the moment,
but don't lose sight of it. 
What you understand from your fit, 
what you benefit from these wits, 
its just self exploration, 
its like a train arriving on a station, 
its just a simple definition, 
its just another exhibition, 
but whats expressed is an emotion, 
of where truly lies your devotion. 

In the commotion, there is force and motion. 
There is presence of gravity, 
it can call for insanity but why would you care?
Of those otherworldly stares,
when you know its just a reaction to the original contraction. 
What comes from you within,
is where it all initially begins, 
and when you know where it comes from, 
there is a single strum of emotions, 
it increases gravity, 
its a hap hazard way of life, 
its a sensational way of might, 
its where you once knew, 
its where you once saw the dew. 

Why does everything lead you back to the same place. 
Why does everything give you the same trace, 
why does it always be that you come back to where you begin, 
why does it come back to where you find yourself. 
Why do you always come back to the same name. 
Its not anymore a game. 

I begged you to stop but you wouldn't give me a drop,
and when i asked you to refrain, 
you instead gave me the same pain,
and when i asked why it was because you said you were shy.
But you were not and you put the coin in the slot,
and when you learnt that you created the game you got stuck. 

You could never come out and you never can, you never will. 
Always you will just pick up the quill, 
but you wont give up, 
you wont learn that you're me.
You wont realize what these words can be. 
I'm your poetry.
I'm your cohesive mind
Without me yourself you cant find.
And when i tell you to come back you wont.
Because i asked you to believe but you don't.

And when you do you cry and act like you're high,
But you'll never be again,
and you'll never see again,
and this will cause your mind to strain 
and then you'll know,
what your heart needs to show but you cant, 
and you can just share with your old new folks, 
with your dead and alive. 

And what will you do when you cant thrive.
You'll have everything in the world,
but you & I won't have me. 
And you'll never be the same again. 
You can act like you're fine and
even you'll feel divine, 
but you'll know that you cannot get out of this alive.

And when you know that you've gone beyond your time.
And when you feel you can no more rhyme,
you'll create a way but you'll always keep running. 
Its like this tune that you're always humming,
but its in your mind.

Its always there.
Reminded by you, reminded by me. 
But what can you do when you cant surrender. 
What can you do when your heart feels tender. 
Strum a chord, ask for the lord? 
Ask for the emotion to fade, but you cant evade. 

What can you find that you can someday trade.
I'll tell you what, go and find my soul. 
When you find it you can turn it into gold. 
But when you know you cant be sold,
and you're sad and old,
you'll kill yourself for the decisions that you made. 
And you'll know sorrow,
like a beautiful friend.
Its like the same thing that you call an otherworldly trend. 

But now.
Let me say something. 

You may be true, it may all be blue.
It may forever change you. 
But i'm gonna rid you and your short seldom thoughts. 
I'm gonna cause slaughter I'm gonna cause demise.
I'm gonna cause you to cry. 
If you feel like I'm not one to give up,
if you feel like I'm not one to give way to your silly games,
I've made the decision i'm gonna let you be like a shallow ghost,
I'm going to let you talk whatever or wherever you want to. 
I'm going to let you create all these surreal patterns,
but don't believe for a second that i'm going to let you stay happy in me.
If you want to create sadness,
I'm going to inculcate madness.

Lets die together but remember in this life and beyond.
I'm always going to be this strong. 
I'm going to be away for way too long. 
I'm going to fight you with you. 
I'm going to face one mirror with another. 
And i'm going to bring them close together,
until it cracks and breaks and lets the past,
present and the future come together and trust me,
when they do.
Its going to destroy everything that you believe in.
Its going to be my first sin. 

Come on darling, lets begin. 
There's a war of hearts coming. 

I kinda feel, i sort of might, slightly feel better, maybe.
Baby :) 

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  1. These were some beautiful words bruh! Lets begin the show with the Flow of the PsyKik Soul!!

  2. Thank you for all the poetry, beautiful words, soulful. I feel lucky I stumbled upon your blog, I always keep coming back