Friday, 9 January 2015

Chapter #4 : Cuba Libre

To offer you some of my music for everyday life.

The world is sleeping and i am weeping,
It's only inside of me this feeling that's creeping.
It's like a shallow swamp, never ending as i can see.
As far as i can be, it still feels like drowning.

Without a worry, i'm still frowning.
There's nothing that's unsaid, 
yet something remains to be tread.
There's a million eyes searching,
yet i can't find the one bird that's chirping.

To see it is to believe, 
with patience and relief.
There are wonders all around,
eyes that can leave me astound.
But there's one melancholy,
stuck to my mind.
In other world's we'd called it divine.
But now it's just a pain.

Graphic art by scyther project, florence, IT
A gentle sorrow, 
forgotten vain.
I ceased to pleasure it's dark treasure,
and yet to purity it seems like another weather.
I cannot find the answer, 
i sometimes believe there is none.
But then they ask me if i know the question,
words that cannot be undone.

I'm in acceptance of finding,
long lasting binding, 
yet there is a shrill in the voice,
to raise an eyebrow,
can you tell the disguise?

Of course i can't,
i'm just a child.
Without my innocence, 
how can i survive?
Yet i know of every lane,
that winds up in the bottom of gain,
And to have it i must suffer the loss,
of the eyes that i'm said to not cross.

But time is a story, 
told in lines,
of gentle sleep,
and drowning lives.
Yet it feels like i'm bound to drown,
In this shallow swamp,
I've found my crown.

It's a perception,
if you must know,
It's an inception,
if you must go.
It's the calling of the spirit,
inside my own spirit,
I see my answers as questions,
if you must know.

You're keen to understand,
but you can't deviate from what's planned.
Well my life is different,
I go by the desire to know.
Curious, and if i must show,
you have to learn to see through the dark,
The only glow.

I'll give you one clue,
to find me is like to fight glue,
yet you don't see that it's easy,
only if you were glue too.

Because glue cannot stick to glue,
as blue cannot dissolve into blue.
It can just be blue, what else would you call it?
It's a connection through aura,
like flowers and fauna.
They come together,
yet they are not the same.
And then you'll see,
Life will never be in vain.

If you must understand my definition of vain,
It's nothing related to the glorified pain.
It's just a simple longing,
Words beyond bonding.
I know it for sure,
everywhere is someones pure.
But here comes the catch,
the time is on your side.

I see it slipping, 
and i rest assured on the other side.
But for you it may be a slight drop,
A gentle crystal dot.
Or a quick surge of light,
to understand emotions in the white.
Or just to be tranquilized, 
lose your body and find insight.

Or better yet, just a dance,
To understand some other world trance.
It's just a simple study here,
it never get's bloody here.
It only get's cold.
And the cold will make you bold.

You'll lose your senses,
your mind will become numb.
If you're in the moment, 
you can consider yourself dumb.
But that's the beauty of it,
you're not.
You're much more like fierce rain,
often called upon in times of drought.
You are your only judge,
inside your eyes a million minds nudge.
Yet you have the controls,
to this electric wonder plane.
Fly it or drive it,
or watch it, and refrain.

You will know where you have to fit,
the key is it.
It is a must, and it is a must to try.
Devi fare ( Italian)
Its something to be done,
what is it?
Answers i have none.

I grow fonder by the day,
of watching people in front of me fray.
Eyes speaking languages they never knew,
It's like asking for snow when you see dew.
But it comes, and it comes while you sleep.
And then when you awaken, 
you find yourself in time.

Slow and motionless,
like nothing has passed.
Yet a lot happened last night,
and only memories of it last.
You have answers,
and i have questions.
Bring what's to offer,
Let's learn another lesson.

It's something that will glisten.
In the dark.
It's something that will contrast,
In the sunny day.
It's something that will drown,
with the most gentle of emotion if spared.
It's something that will smile,
if you watch but don't glare.

Che cosa? What is it?
let's find out then.


  1. This is beyond beautiful. You speak my mind, and you speak to me.

    1. I know the feeling and i know not who you may be..
      enjoy the music